Friday, August 5, 2011

Speaking of Breaks

Yesterday Dennis was running around, tripped, and bumped his mouth on the stair railing. He split his bottom lip open pretty bad and chipped his already dead tooth down to the nub. As a few of the girls gathered around the two of us as I applied liquid bandage to his lip, Rachel asked,
"Why does it seem like everything bad happens to Dennis?"

I can see why she would say this. I had yet to apply Mederma to his eyelid scar, cream to his new recent breakout of eczema on his arms and apply a bandaid to his stubbed big toe. Poor guy is a walking boo-boo these days.

"Well Rachel, he is very active. At his age almost all kids are getting scrapes and bruises. The other stuff we are slowly learning is all tied together one way or another. Don't be to concerned with it since Dennis isn't too concerned with it. Besides... God made him tough!"

Next week Dennis starts school. I am nervous for him. I so want the kids to accept him for who he is-- owies and all. The school has sent out a letter to all the kindergarten families as part of the sensitivity training they are doing. I am incredibly thankful for that.

Speaking of school, I went ahead and enrolled Jonathan into the elementary school since they have room in his grade. He asked about going and after some thought and a phone call to the principal I thought it was worth looking into. If they had room for him-- fine. If not-- I would continue to home school him. Turns out that they opened up a second/third grade combo class that I think he is going to be a part of. How awesome is that since most of his work last year was a grade ahead?

Now all five of the youngest boys will be in the same school. Dennis will be in regular kindergarten. Alex will continue in his special day class as a first grader. Jonny will be in second, Andrew in fourth, and Paul will be in the fifth grade. William will be the only boy home schooled which I am hoping turns out to be a good thing for him. This summer has been tough. We are going to try a semester of homeschooling for him and if it doesn't look like a good fit for him then we will look into putting him back in school.

A little over a week is left of summer vacation!


  1. It's always hard to know the best school situation for each child. We reassess it each year and although I don't like moving children around, we've made changes for the coming year.

  2. Aw, poor Dennis. I'm glad the tooth was dead, that would have been painful! Dorian is like that, as well, on top of surgeries, he keeps getting hurt or sick. He has a cold right now and just tore open his hand this morning and needed stitches. Yikes.

    Is it just me or is summer vacation really short these days? I remember it being until September!

  3. Good luck to Dennis! You are right, he is a tough little man! :)

  4. Dennis seems like such a trooper! I also hope that all the kids really like him and see him as we all do. :) I wondered when the kids there went back to school. They get out much earlier than here but we go back later. Oksana doesn't begin until after September long weekend. She will be in grade 5 also. :)

  5. Hi! I think William will do well with the homeschooling.I can not believe summer is over where did it go?Pat

  6. So glad Dennis wasn't hurt seriously, but it's bad enough, poor little guy! I expect his lack of depth perception plays a big role in his various accidents, yet it's next to impossible to get an active little boy to slow down and be careful. And I'm not sure he's old enough to understand about the depth perception issue or remember it, even if he did understand. That should get easier as he matures, of course, so hang on!

    It's hard to realize that school is starting so soon. Too soon for my taste - August 11 here. What ever happened to Labor Day week first-day-of-school? It sounds as if the plans for your boys are all very well thought-out.

    Thanks for the updates...

    Susan in Ky
    Cousin to 2 from U.

  7. Just read the post below this, and saw the mention of Chasiv Yar - I didn't realize Anastasia and Paul had been there! My young cousin was also there - she came home with her younger sister in March, 2006 and both girls are thriving and much loved. I wonder if your children knew her? Her initials were (and still are) SB - she was moved to CY from Sonechko in late summer or early fall of 2005 and was in first grade, though she was a year older than her classmates. She has mild CP and wears glasses - big brown eyes, dark hair, deep dimples. If they remember her, please tell them she's turned into a beautiful young lady who loves books and horses! Her sister, A., is doing equally well and is 12 now (S. is 14 1/2 now).

    I need to go back and read about Anastasia and Paul's adoptions!

    Susan in Ky


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