Friday, August 12, 2011

Showing You Around

The ROJ property consists of half a dozen buildings or so-- one of the biggest being this old farmhouse.  Right now it serves mostly as a place for storage but it also serves as a meeting place during camp... and sometimes a place to sleep when visitors are there.
Much of the stuff you see are things that came out of humanitarian aid containers.  Learning about the process and all that is involved in receiving humanitarian aid made me realize that even donations do not come easy.
The building needs lots of work but hopefully one day it will serve as a meeting room and cafeteria. 
The red building is actually an outdoor shower with boy and girl sinks on either side.  The water is heated by the sun in a shallow holding tank.
Here is the path that you walk from the old farmhouse over to the cabin, David's house, and another home. 
This is a good size shell of a house that also sits on the ROJ property.  Currently it is inhabitable but someday it will be a home for a foster family.
Here is David working on the chin bars.
Julia and Sasha brought over the cement to pour into the holes.
Lots of birds reside at ROJ too.  The geese are my favorite along with the baby ducks.
Here is an empty pasture for the ROJ ministry to expand.
Would you please pray with me that this ministry will continue to grow?  As new and old relationships are strengthened and God continues to open doors for ministry opportunities I pray that people will get involved and partner with ROJ so that it can be a place for healing and redemption for children and orphans year round.
The white little cabin to the right is where we stayed.  It is a nice little room for guests.  Builders are working on a small water feature so that guests can sit next to it and feel and hear the relaxing effects of the water.
Here I am with David, the founder of ROJ.


  1. Wow. That is humbling.

    Maybe one day we'll see Sasha's picture on your sidebar along with your other children?!? ;)

  2. Hi! I hope the idea of foster families take off in the Ukraine.I wish the government would fund foster homes in the Ukraine I think more families would provide a homes for children who need homes if money was provided to cover even if it was just enough to meet the children basic needs.Thanks for sharing Pat

  3. Love it - Thanks for sharing....more ROJ posts please :)


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