Sunday, August 14, 2011

On The Bright Side

Do you notice something different?  Come on take a closer look.  No... I am not talking about his prosthetic eye being back in.  Look closer. 

Dennis lost his first tooth.
Actually he had it knocked out-- poor guy.  It happened at church when one of the little girls in his class tried to be a big help by getting Alex his crutches and knocked Dennis' tooth with them.  On the bright side, this was the tooth that needed a baby root canal and the same tooth he broke off when he fell last week.
The tooth fairy made an extra special visit and came during nap time!
Dennis was so excited about his presents!
He is too cool!
Last week I took Dennis for a kindergarten "Meet the Teacher Night" along with Alex.  A few of the kids recognized Dennis from the sensitivity awareness letter that went out a week earlier.  They came up and introduced themselves-- which I thought was beyond cool.  A special speaker shared about the importance of parents talking with their children at home about how people may look different but that they are people just like anyone else.  He encouraged kids to ask questions rather than stare-- and to look past a person's disability because if we are honest with ourselves none of us are perfect.

Even after all this, I am still nervous about Dennis going off to school.  Isn't that silly?  My baby... I just can't bear the thought of some classmate (there are over 120 kindergartners alone) making fun of him.  
School starts in two days.  The last of the haircuts were given today, school shopping is done, and new bedtimes were enforced.  Can't say that the kids are actually asleep yet, but hey, I've got to try.

I went grocery shopping this afternoon.  Two of the kids asked if bagels were for breakfast.  Sure-- why not?
Now if I could only figure out what to cook for dinner tomorrow night.

Next week is Paul's birthday!  He is counting down the days!  Next is Caleb's, then Dennis', and then Anna's.  All within four weeks!  Hopefully one of them will want pie or donuts or something. :)


  1. Losing a tooth is always exciting, it doesn't matter how many kids you have. Each milestone is worth celebrating, and you always do a great job of remembering that. You are a great Mom! Praying for Dennis and school tonight as I comment.

  2. What a sweetie! I can't believe he is going to kindergarten this year! Crazy!

  3. I just wanted to encourage you that Dennis will be ok. :) My daughter was adopted at 3yrs and has several "special needs" including missing one arm, an ear, and a foot due to amniotic banding. When she went to kindergarten, from what you have shared, we did something similar with prepping the other kids.

    We found that most kindergartners just wanted to make sure that she didn't get hurt/was in pain. Once they figure out she was born that was and was like any other child inside they were great. She's now in 4th grade and only once child has ever made fun of her (an older child who is in a very unstable home came up to her on the playground) and because she was prepped she knew to just politely go up to the staff member on duty and inform them of the situation.

    Luckly I happened to know the older child's family situation so we were able to talk to my daughter about why he might have made fun of her.

  4. That is really cool about some kids recognizing Dennis and coming to say hi. Just wait he'll come home so excited about school, loving all his new friends and have no issues at all. With all that he's been through he deserves some great friends and no judgement based on minor differences! Hes such a sweetheart. He looks so excited about his sunglasses!

  5. What a big boy! Oh my, his eye looks so good.

    I need to email you about our prosthetic.....

    I am nervous too - people are always commenting about Jonathan's eye and "What happened to it?" And then about his nose too. They aren't being rude when usually is the little children who are just curious. We get the stares from adults, which is beyond sad.

    Love your heart Christine!

  6. OH! I also meant to tell you that his eye doctor said "Oh, he has amniotic banding syndrome". I was still skeptical of this "diagnosis", even after 3 non-related specialists said it on their own, since he had no banding marks --- but his banding marks are inside his eye. The eye doctor showed me and sure enough they are there. I have no idea why he doesn't have them on his face....I have also wondered why one of his toes sticks up and they think that is related to the banding as well, again though, no visible marks.

    anyway, just thought I'd update you!

  7. If he is as sweet as he seems, I bet the kids will be protective of him more than anything. At this age, the kids only seem to care if you are nice and want to play. They don't give a hoot what you look like. Enjoy kindergarden, Dennis!

    I always thought the schools should have a "first day of kindergarden" support group for moms that day.

    Cheryl in ID

  8. Since parents don't always raise their kids to be sensitive to people's differences, and kids can just be so mean sometimes, I am wondering if you've given Dennis any examples of things he could say if kids tease him. I am sure you've discussed it with him, but is there anything you could share to maybe help others prepare their kids in similar situations. Thanks

  9. I've spent the last couple of weeks reading your blog backwards & it's hard to believe that that handsome young man with the cool shades and missing front tooth is the same tiny toddler you brought home from the Ukraine.

    It's really been a blessing to watch your children grow and read about your struggles and your triumphs.


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