Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fun In the River

ROJ is near the Buruchal Rechka.  Rechka means little river and reka means big river.  Therefore this is the Buruchal Rechka.  The water is clear.  The water is refreshing.  The water called out to us everyday to come and cool off.
Sasha asked if I would consider him a son.  I told him that in my heart... I kind of already did.  His story is one of heartbreak and sadness, and yet he has risen above long before we ever entered the picture.  His story is a special one... and I am glad that he has asked us to be a part of it.  He has two younger biological siblings that are still at the Chasivyar Internat Skola where Anastasia and Paul came from.  Remember Luba and Luda?  They are still there too.  God has kept this door open albeit a little, but I hope to find a way to open it even more.  The simple fact that Sasha is still at ROJ is one amazing blessing.
If you ask Julia, she absolutely loves Ukraine.  The culture, the people, the language, the land-- maybe she will do a guest post for me and share from her journal.
Julia and Sasha hit it off like brother and sister.
Half the time they drove me nuts!
We are thankful for Skype and email!


  1. It sure looks refreshing in that water! Its nice that it doesn't seem very deep either, perfect to cool off but not dangerous with a fast currant. Does Sasha speak any English? Your Russian/Ukrainian must be quit fluent by now! :)

  2. Hi The water is beautiful. I am glad you had such fun at the camp. Pat

  3. Been catching up. It's been quite a summer here.
    Everything that you are doing and have been doing to help is wonderful.
    Just wondering who is watching your other children back home?
    How is their summer going?
    Do any of them go to summer camp.?


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