Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Balancing Books

I often wonder if Paul being in public school is the best thing for him.  For the first few days of school he was bringing home homework that was totally inappropriate for his level.  His assignment was to learn about and recognize different genres.  He still struggles with reading at the kindergarten level and should be working on phonics.  After the second day I wrote a letter asking for different homework.  I figured that I could slowly bridge the gap by working with him at home at his own level.  The teacher sent home a 2nd grade math book for him to work on at home.  It's perfect.  In addition to that he is learning division.  I am pleased with the progress he makes in our one hour after school but I do wonder what he is learning during school. My plan is to homeschool him next year as a sixth grader but I think about starting him sooner.
John and the kids like to play chess.   Now all of the homeschoolers know the rules.
Not sure what prompted this goofy exercise but I thought it was worth a picture.
After dinner Anastasia, Julia, and Galina walked round and round our kitchen table this way.


  1. I'd bring him home now! I was just reading the work of an expert in the field who says that even a half a year in an orphanage results in developmental delays (not deficiencies - but simply a delay, that dealt with appropriately can be remediated). That is in addition to the years it takes to get up to speed in language acquisition. If children don't stay fluent in their first language, they even go through a period of time when they really cannot THINK in any language - and of course that results in delay as well.

    If he is appropriately in second grade math, then he is sitting wasting his time and feeling stupid (and looking stupid to peers) during fifth grade math class. For every child, there is So much time is wasted in an ordinary school day - time that in Paul's case could be spent learning what he actually needs to learn, and bonding with his family.

    (Think I feel strongly about thie?)

  2. I almost didn't see how the girls were walking... Silly me. I was distracted by the Otter Pops. (Is that what you call Freeze Pops?)

  3. Hi! It is a tough decision to make .If you work with the teacher she may work out but you must stay on top of the assignments and the new material he is learning.Try having the teacher send home a daily log of what he did in school and what the actual homework is. Homeschooling is a lot of work and money .This year I am trying using more unit studies at this for now and more fieldtrips putting what we learn into practice. We recently went to a potatoe farm and a berry farm and watched the potatoe and berry picking process and then bought some potatoe and berries.Have a good school year. Pat

  4. You are his mum. You know best. God's given you those great mothering genes and talents... Do what you gut instinct says.


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