Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Shorter Than Expected

What three handsome boys! John took this picture of them just as I called out to them to look my way.

We cut up a bunch of old, stained t-shirts and tied the strips together.

Julia crocheted them into a big rug! It looks so cool!

Thank you to all who donated things to take to Ukraine. Kim Bedzyk, Kimberley McCollum, and Amy Eubanks-- your gift bags will be such a blessing to all the kids! I got carried away with donations myself and before I knew it, I had more stuff than I knew we could carry. Sadly, I had to condense four huge bags down into three--- oh well still 80% is still donations. So thank you again for making it possible!

Julia wanted to buy donuts for everyone for breakfast this morning so Adam took her. He dropped her and the donuts off because he realized that he didn't have his wallet. I quickly called the donut shop-- they had his wallet. Thankfully.

I think he learned his lesson-- one all of us have to learn on our own. Still Julia teased him later on our way to the pool.

"Adam, do you have your card?" She asked because we need a magnetic striped card to get into the pool area. "Better yet, do you have your wallet?"

Ha ha.

Speaking of things that make you go ha-ha-ha, I got a haircut. I wanted just a trim off the back and asked one of my girls if they would do it. By the end of my first haircut, 2 inches was gone on one side and almost 3 inches was gone from the other. I so wanted to cry-- but it is only hair. It is only hair. It was a group effort to get it straightened out, but I am sporting a new do!



  1. We need a pic of your hair! I am sure it is adorable!!

  2. Ahh yes hair will grow, however in Ukraine you can get the best haircuts, color and highlights - VERY cheap and they take their time and it looks great - it is just hard to communicate what you want.... :) I got $4 haircuts and $7 highlights...that was one thing I looked forward to in UA....I found a great hair salon in Simferopol. Just a little FYI.

  3. Hi! I am sure your hair looks nice. A new look once in a while is nice. I think about the young girls in the Ukraine who live in the orphanage and get head lice. Many times all the children who live in the orphanage must get their heads shaved because the orphanages can not afford the medication to treat the lice. How blessed are we to live in America.Have a safe trip Pat

  4. Next time you want a trim just straight off the bottom use tape! Seriously. Measure on the left, right, and center then carefully put a big strip of tape straight across the hair (the top of the tape will be where you cut) then measure again (measure twice, cut once) and cut the tape off. Works for bangs too.


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