Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Move Over Owls!

Move over owls--- the frogs are here!  We leave in one week-- please consider partnering with us for Ukraine as you bid on this one of a kind tote bag great for books, diapers, or even a purse!  The detail is great and much work went into this bag, as God shows us that he pays great detail to our lives.  Besides... I now enjoy this new found craft of mine-- I didn't at first.  Amazing how God works on us like that.  The bidding will start at $30-- and will end on Friday, July 8th at noon!  Sorry but I can only mail in the US.

Thank you ahead of time!


  1. Christine,
    The frogs are great !
    Don't have the 30 dollars but am Praying for saft travels to Ukraine!
    God Bless,
    Rose Anne

  2. Very cool work!

  3. I open the bid at $30.
    LOVE IT!!!

  4. Just a suggestion for another raffle... You could make and embroider (like the owls and frogs) Bible covers. (or book covers to those who are missing out.) The bags are such a cool idea, love them!

  5. Hi! Christine next year take orders for the owl bags. With my gang white will get dirty to easy.If it was a darker color it would not get dirty that easy. I love the bag you just made. I am aware of all the work that goes into making those bags.Good luck and may God be with you, Pat

  6. Hi Christine I would like to bid 40.00. Love the bags, wishing you a great trip.

  7. Love the bag and will bid at $45!

  8. Your girls are so talented! These are just beautiful.

    These designs would look good on bibs, onesies, little t-shirts.

    The colors and patterns go together very, very well.


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