Saturday, July 2, 2011

Family and Friends

Here are pictures from the previous weekend when we traveled up north to visit family and attend a wedding reception.

John got this picture of all the kids while I was busy visiting away with old friends.

As a Mom-- I yearn to see more of this.

Alex was so happy that day!

My long time friend, role model, mentor--- Grandma Marge. Oh how I love her.

Adam was asked to join an impromptu jam session.

Remember my little ol' Grandpa? Well he is still alive and well. My Mom brought him over to visit with us.

All of the kids got to meet my Grandpa-- their Great Grandpa. It is quite an accomplishment since three of them never got to meet my Dad.


  1. How great! You are one brave mama to take them all. I was a bit overwhelmed just taking two on my trip.

  2. What an accomplishment to get a photo of all the kids together! I have half as many and sometimes it just doesn't happen. I don't have them all in the same house anymore either though.

  3. Great pictures! It's also great that the kids got to meet their great-grandfather--wish I had been as lucky. :-)

  4. Hi! It is great to see extended families in pictures. Pat

  5. Wow, Dennis has gotten so big!


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