Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Beach

It was a beautiful day to go to the beach.  No sharks, but despite sunscreen we all got sun kissed.
John so enjoyed boogie boarding with the kids.  He was like one big kid himself!
Caleb stayed true to his word-- not even one toe touched the water. 
It was fun digging in the sand. The boys found this jumping sand crab that was really cool.  I showed Jonny how easy it was to dig for sand crabs and find one virtually every time.  The key is to dig in the sand as soon as a wave recedes.
John and I
Paul loved the ocean!  Now that this was his third time and he knew what to expect he was all smiles!
Alex pretty much sat here and played in the sand the whole time-- I'll tell you why in a minute.
For lunch we had PB and J sandwiches with juice, granola bars, and corn nuts.

The girls ruled the water!  Galina, Julia, Sveta, and Annalyn jumped waves for hours!  Poor Galina got a pounding-- a few times she came out crying because the waves had knocked her down but with determination she went right back in.  They had a blast!
Alex kept getting to close to the water.  Since he often didn't hear us telling him to back away we all took turns physically moving him away from the water.  Still.... in an instance he went into the water up to his calves and a wave came and as it retreated back into the ocean it took one of his crutches with it.
I was not happy.  John walked the shallow part of the water following the current but he never did find it.  The upset irrational side of me wanted Alex to be in a timeout for the rest of the day-- afterall he hadn't listened, he compromised his safety in the process, and replacing crutches is expensive when insurance won't pay for another pair-- but as he inched his way on his bottom back to the water, I softened.  It was hard to stay mad.  I let it go, and everyone including him and I ended up having a great time at the beach.
As the tide was coming in, a wave came in and brought a gush of  water a few inches deep.  We didn't notice it because we were packing up.  All of our stuff got wet, John's cell phone is toast.
Definitely a trip we won't soon forget.


  1. LOVE the photos! Sorry about the crutch...poor little dude just wanted to have some fun like the rest of the kiddos. Try putting the cell phone in rice overnight. Many times this will help and the phone will go back to working just fine.

  2. I'm glad everyone had fun! Losing a crutch AND a phone it was a costly one. I hope John has a replacement program for his phone. I didn't get one the first time, and my phone lasted precisely two I got one the second time! (Went two months before using it!)

  3. I came on to suggest rice too. Take the battery off and put the phone and the battery in rice.

  4. Hi! The trip to the beach seemed like a lot of fun despite a few minor draw backs. Continue to have fun in the sun with your husband. Pat

  5. Wow, here in Australia our sun is so harsh we can never go to the beach without wearing hats or sitting under trees/umbrellas.

    They look like they're having so much fun!

  6. I too love the are an amazing photographer.
    I've been away from the computer for awhile..dealing with it's nice to catch up on your families adventures.


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