Thursday, June 2, 2011

Two Dollar Lesson

I am so proud of Galina.

Today, I took nine of the kids shopping. We went to Target because Anna had a gift certificate. I ended up using it and just giving Anna ten bucks for her to spend at the dollar store. What ever was left, she could save. Dennis was a brat. He wanted candy and pulled something off the shelf. I told him no and proceeded to push around a whiny kid. I guess I should blame myself. We just don't go to the store that often, and so Dennis has forgotten how to act in a store. I try to do all my shopping once a month, or in the evening when most of the kids are in bed.

After Target, we went to the dollar store. As we finished up shopping, Jonny informed me that Galina owed him two bucks from the time he bought her stuff at the snack bar during a baseball game. She had promised to pay him back but as of yet, she hadn't. She happened to have two bucks with her that she was planning on spending now. Knowing that Jonny could have brought this up at a different time, I asked her about the money. If she had the money, and still hadn't paid him back nearly three weeks later-- that was a problem.

Let's just say, that she wasn't a happy camper. But-- she did give Jonny his two bucks which I did not let him spend at the dollar store since it would not be nice to Galina. She was quiet all the way home.

As I put away things, I heard that Galina had went to bed because she was tired.

Unlike her, but I let her be. After a while, I went to her room just as she was coming out. I asked to speak with her. I told her that I was proud of how she handled things, but that she should not stay in her bed all day. I asked her if she would want me to make sure her sibling paid her back if she lent them some money that they promised to pay back. I told her how it was wrong for her to not have paid Jonny back sooner when she had the money. She didn't disagree. And she chose to get up.

As the day went on, I expected her to be angry at Jonny. Shame on me. She proved me wrong. Actually, her and Jonny played together more than I think I have ever seen them play.

P.S. What was really sweet was what Galina had wanted to buy-- a necklace with a little cross on it. I reminded her how her birthday is coming up in a few months.


  1. That is absolutely lovely! Your children are awesome.

  2. Dear John and Kristina!
    I want to express my deep gratitude and respect for what you do. Thanks to you and the same families in the U.S. and other civilized countries, our Ukrainian children with health problems a chance to gain a full happy life filled with joy. You are saving our children, regardless of the bureaucratic delays
    Thank you so much for the salvation of souls! Unfortunately, in our country - orphans, orphans and the more problems with appearance or development needs only to launder government money! God give you health, happiness, and your children all the best! As long as there are people like you, our kids - have a chance at life, not a vegetable existence!

    Regards and best wishes, Olga (from Ukraine)

  3. H!What a gal your Galina is. You must be so proud of her no passive aggressive behavior here. Good job on all your hard work .Pat


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