Thursday, June 2, 2011

Pretty, Little Bags and Cupcakes

Half the fun of fundraising for our trip is getting to be creative. Hopefully, these cute, bright little purses will find a home-- along with some cupcakes. This time, we are not doing a raffle-- if you want to buy something and ultimately help us fundraise a few more dollars for our mission trip to Ukraine, please leave a comment.

1. Here is a turquoise and hot pink canvas bag. Very cute for summer! Suggested Donation $15

2. This summery... flowery bag will brighten any day! Suggested donation $15

3. How about this pink bag? It matches with #1-- perfect for two daughters or a Mom and daughter Spring Tea. Suggested Donation $15

4. Purple is a lovely accent-- goes great with a little summer dress. Suggested donation $15

My adorable daughter Anna modeling the bags-- sorry, she is not for sale. ;)

5. Last but not least-- these four felt stitched cupcakes. Soft and squishy--perfect play food for little ones!

To make them interchangeable, Rachel did not stitch the cupcake to the tin, and she added velcro to the cherry.

She poked her fingers lots of times making these cupcakes-- she hopes it wasn't for nothing!

Suggested donation $12.



  1. Christine: I would like to purchase the yellow bag if nobody has claimed it already. slfunk3763 at hotmail dot com.

  2. Cute bags! I would like to purchase the turquoise bag if you still have it. joeks55 at yahoo dot com


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