Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Our Week

Julia and Dennis are better. Whatever they had seems to have passed. Praise the Lord. I took Dennis for his pre-op appointmet today, and they okayed him for his surgery this Friday morning. I'll have to bring my own coffee though-- this hospital doesn't sell caffeine. I thought that was interesting. Alex was casted for new braces this afternoon, and will also get some new shoes. The guy who did the casting also cut down his old braces so that they don't hit at the knee so that we can continue to use them as a back up pair. He also brought Alex a die cast car as a present. It was very nice of him.

Tomorrow the social worker is coming out for Galina's "home visit". I hope it only takes her an hour because after I am having a phone IEP meeting for Rachel. That is great news for her as it will be perfect for high school. In the short time that I have been working with Paul, his reading seems to already have improved. Alex is working on his site words. I am amazed how quick the kids pick up new things when they are taught at their level.

Other things that have happened the past few days:

*Us girls have had fun trying on outfits for a wedding reception we are going to next weekend.
*Annalyn swung around her Wii remote while playing a game and hit Andrew smack dab right under the eye.
*There has been two hot days in a row.
*I have taken advantage of Adam's driving by sending him to the store for milk.
*I have decided that Julia makes the best banana muffins I have ever had.

To those that won something in the raffle, please forgive me for not mailing out the items yet. My plan is to work on that this weekend. Again, I am sorry.

Blessings to you all.


  1. I'm glad your sickies are feeling better, and I absolutely cannot believe a hospital does not sell coffee. What is the matter with them?

  2. Many hospitals are opting out if selling caffine. A study was done that found that those who consumed caffine while waiting for surgical or other patients had a higher incidence of fainting, panic attacks, irritability and with those with high blood pressure-- heart attack

  3. Hi!I hope your home visit goes well. Praying for you, Pat


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