Sunday, June 26, 2011

Our Old Stomping Ground

I just finished making buttermilk blueberry muffins with my father-in-law. He is quite the assistant. Every time I put a dish in the sink, it was washed before I put in the next one. As the day is winding down, I look forward to one more day before heading back home.

See... we have been here at our old stomping ground for the whole weekend. We attended our long time friend's son's wedding reception on Saturday. After moving away over three years ago, it is nice to see familiar friends again, picking up where we last left off. Two of the most wonderful and amazing women that we refer to as Grandma Marge and Grandma Kathleen were there at the reception too. Our family is so blessed to have these ladies in our lives-- the example they have been to me over the years is such a gift. We visited with other friends, went to our old church this weekend, saw Matt and Jenn, and had dinner with my Mom and her Dad, my Grandpa. That was nice since Galina had not met him yet so I made sure to get lots of pictures since he is turning 90 next month and we don't know how much longer he will be with us. Bless his heart, he is getting so fragile. He surprised me when he wolfed down a whole burger though-- go Grandpa!

Friday night, William got stung in the hand by a bee. We all agree-- he deserved it! He had been splashing the bees in the pool, and swiping them out with his hands. A couple of times he had grabbed a bee, shook it like a pair of dice in his cupped hand and then threw it-- boasting all the while, "It didn't sting me!" Well, you can only do that so many times before you lose. And he did.

By Saturday he was running a fever, felt tired, and had a hand twice the size of his other. We gave him more Benadryl, and pain reliever and kept an eye on him. QAnd then last night, Jonny stepped on a bee. First thing William asked was, "Did he do it on purpose like me?" Jonny's allergic reaction paled in comparison until this afternoon when it swelled up and began hurting him. He too is running a low fever so I gave him medicine to bring it down and Grandpa iced his foot. Now both Jonny and William are doing much better.

Today John headed back home with a few of the kids who have school and basketball. Tomorrow after a wonderful get together with some very good friends and their families, I will be heading back home with the kids too. Hopefully I won't run into the same problem I had driving up. Where is a bathroom when you need it?
Seriously either that or a plastic seat cover!

Three exits and eleven miles later...


  1. Did you know that a bit of chewed tobacco works perfectly to take all the poison out of a wasp sting? It might work for bees, too.

    We just learned that a couple weeks ago when my dad got stung on the hand and on the arm. Our neighbor put a bit of chewing tobacco (wetted first) under a bandaid on each sting and it zapped all the pain and poison right now and he had no reaction to the sting.

    Apparently meat tenderizer does the same thing, since you probably don't have chewing tobacco lying around the house. ;)

  2. The hotpads arrived. Thank you. Hope you have a good trip to the Ukraine. When do you leave?

  3. If a kid reacts that strongly to a first sting, there's a very good chance of having a serious, life threatening allergic reaction to the next one. You're probably already aware of that, but in case you're not...

  4. So glad to hear you had a nice weekend. We missed you for a few days. But a couple days away is always nice!

  5. Hi!Bee ,ant, wasp, spider stings can be very dangerous.I am glad you sons are ok.Good luck,Pat


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