Saturday, June 18, 2011

Only One year

Today is the day we first met Anastasia and Paul last year. I almost forgot because it seems so much longer than a year. We love them so much! They have blessed our family more than words can say.

Here is the video I made of their adoption--our first meeting-- I still get goosebumps watching it.

They are such a testimony to God's love, redemption, and faithfulness. I love how much them being a part of our family has enriched our lives for the better.

Their transformations have been incredible to watch. A year ago, Anastasia was singing this but now you'll find her rocking out to this. A year ago she would barely smile, and now she is the happiest, loving girl in the world! She was scared of our dogs, scared to swim, and I even thought scared to eat. Fast forward a year and she is the exact opposite. And look at Paul. He too was scared and quiet and now he has turned into this outgoing boy well liked by everyone! He could hardly do simple addition facts and now he is learning multiplication.

Just think what they'll be doing a year from now!


  1. Bawled, literally, watching the video.

    What a sweet post and such a blessing from God.

    Love "Life" favorite song. I have the CD in my van and there is not a song on it I don't like.

  2. What a wonderful reminder of their first year home! I love that video! They are both so changed, I love seeing how shy and apprehensive they were the first time they met you and now to see such happy smiles,its just God. Heal the broken, put families together through any distance. Only he can do such amazing things! Thank you for posting it again. :)
    Happy Fathers Day to John! Hope you all have a wonderful day together!

  3. Wow! Amazaing! Love and family are all they should be.

  4. They've come such a long way.

  5. Such beautiful, sweet kids~ can see how God drew you to them! :)

  6. God is so good! How blessed you all are to have each other.

  7. They've grown so much! And they look so much happier now, too. Anastasia was so solemn in the beginning, it's great to see her really smiling in recent photos.

  8. Hi! Your daughter and son are so blessed you found each other. Many happy and smiling years together. Pat


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