Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nursing Them Back to Health

This weekend flew by. We were blessed with some old friends from up north. Paul and Tina and their three kids came over to spend the night. Their visit was much too short-- reminding me how much I miss not having them around. We went to church together Sunday morning and then they took us out to lunch.

They also brought another furry friend. Here I am holding a baby squirrel. One of their dogs had the baby squirrel in its mouth-- it was only half dead. They were able to nurse it back to health and plan to release it with its own little tree house when they get back home.

I had mentioned on Facebook that Dennis is scheduled to have his lower eyelid surgery this Friday. Now I am not so sure. Yesterday afternoon, Dennis and Julia began throwing up. Julia had it the worst ending around midnight last night-- Dennis is still occasionally throwing up. We were supposed to go in for a pre-op visit but rescheduled it for tomorrow. If he isn't better by this evening, the hospital and I are in agreement that the surgery should be rescheduled. We are praying that he has thrown up for the last time already-- poor little guy.

For the last few weeks I have been working on Anastasia and Paul's adoption book. As I revisited our journey to get them home, I fell in love with Ukraine all over again. Since we email with Sasha all the time, I am going to look into him getting in touch with some of the kids from the dietski dom. What was really cool was that as I ordered their book, I found a great coupon that was good for 15% off.


  1. My sister and I are a tad squirrel crazy, so I think this post is fabulous!

  2. Hi! I love squirrels :) I've raised a couple from babies and released them too. Just wanted to give you a few tips...they need to be kept real warm...I used a heating pad for a while. Bottle fed with kitten formula. And *really important*, you need to wipe their behind with a wet, warm paper towel to get them to go to the bathroom after every feeding. Gross I know, but they'll die if you don't.
    When they got a bit bigger I had them in a bird cage with a nesting box and I'd bottle feed them, but not exclusively...I'd give them bread mixed in with the milk and slowly worked in other things too.

    Good luck, they're just so sweet! and they make the cutest noises :)

  3. Hi!My son loves to watch birds. We put up many bird feeders in our yard and besides getting a bunch of birds we got a bunch of squirrels. The squirrels were quite smart and would empty the bird feeders before the birds could get to them. In fact the squirrels were all over our yard that we eventually had to remove the bird feeders.The game commision noted that rabies was being found in small wild animals in the area.I was concerned about the squirrels having rabies.But the squirrels were very cute and fun to watch when they did visit my yard.Pat

  4. If you have squirrels raiding your bird feeders and the feeder are on a thin pole, you can put a metal Slinky toy around the pole to hinder them. You can also grease the pole with Vaseline and the birds will get more food and you will be entertained!

  5. I like the book!!!!!!!!!! mom I cant wait to read it!!!!!!


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