Friday, June 10, 2011

Help Him...Please

Maybe some of you remember this sweet little boy. He is Owen. He is a precious, precious boy.

Here he is just a few months old. He has Saethre-Chotzen Syndrome. Honestly, I had little faith that he would survive, but he proved to be a fighter.

Here he is about a year older. My daughter Sveta and I cried when we saw his condition. Two years we began praying that an amazing family would step up to adopt him.

When his picture was updated to this one, we were excited to see how well he looked. We saw his grant money grow and thought for sure that a family would step up. Surely someone else felt little Owen tugging on their heart too.

Fast forward one year. Now things are urgent. He is wasting away... withering from lack of love and the medical care that he so desperately needs. I am pleading for your help to find Owen a family. Look at his picture now. His health is deteriorating-- he needs the love of a family now. He needs someone who can step up and be the hands and feet of Jesus to him.

I am asking for your help to please join forces with me and advocate for Owen. We need to find his family now-- we can help to raise his grant funds to help assist his family in the adoption costs too. You can donate through Reece's Rainbow.

Together we can see Owen's miracle unfold before our eyes. Please spread the word.


  1. He is on my blog Christine, I wrote about him today. Thank you for remembering him...

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  3. Poor little boy...
    I will pray for him...

  4. I've been concerned about Owen ever since I saw his first photo. He needs help so much. He looks very different this year. I don't know if he was blinking in the photo or if it's his eyelids. I know that having droopy eyelids is a part of his condition. I'm so glad that you have posted about him!

  5. Hi!I have asked several people about adopting Owen but the people I have talked to are afraid because of his future medical needs and many private medical insurance plans will not plan for preexisting conditions and many plans these days have very high medical deductibles for each hospitalization and medical specialist appointment and in a down economy some people especially if the family already has special needs children are not able to take that leap of faith.Maybe some families could do a fund raiser for this child to aid with some of his future needs. Pat

  6. That poor boy! There is a University Medical Center so close to us that specializes in fixing this kind of deformity. Oh, we can't take him on ourselves, but what can I do?

  7. Oh, my heart aches for him to find his forever family. I will be praying.


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