Monday, June 20, 2011

He Doesn't Approve

Yea! The traps worked! After this little pest tore up our yard for the last month-- it was fun to call John at work and tell him the good news. Rest in piece little fellow.

Lunches are interesting around here. William thinks that he can tell people what to eat. If they eat something he doesn't "approve of"-- watch out because he won't let them ride his bike or play four square with him. Today at lunch he told Anastasia to throw away her Baklava because it was trash, and yesterday he wouldn't let Paul ride his bike because he was chewing gum. Tonight while we were over at the swimming pool William was disappointed that Jonny had eaten a plum off a tree. I sure hope he outgrows this one day.

Last week, I took these pictures of Adam being playful.

He loves to bug Rachel this way.

Aww, it messed up her hair.

Don't worry Rache-- we still think your beautiful!


  1. Sounds like a lot of fun at your house! :) I had never heard of gopher traps before, when my husband and I were dating one of the outings he suggested was gopher hunting. LOL. I cried and wouldn't let him shoot them. I like the trap idea better. (He grew up on a farm in Northern Saskatchewan, Gophers are giant pests)

  2. What's not to love about Baklava?

  3. Looks like your peeps are feeling better. So glad summer is here. Our 17 yo wont be teasing Grace this week because he is off at youth camp!! I know truthfully she will miss him.

  4. All I can think about is the theme song for CADDY SHACK!!!!

  5. Hey Mom!

    Wow! I bet Dad was happy that the trap actually worked. Glad to hear that things are going good at home. Miss you lots!!!


  6. Haha I will get Adam back!!! By the way Mom I have an L at the end of my name lol on the last picture it does not have an L. LOVE RACHEL

  7. Hi! In Erie we have a lot of wild game in the rural areas. A few years ago we started to get skunks in the actual city. These little buggers would live any where under garages and front porch steps even old trees. Good luck with your small game, Pat


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