Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

I tried to let John sleep in for a little while in the morning. Adam and Caleb were greeters this morning, but I just had them drive themselves to church. As I checked in on the kids to see who was still asleep, I found Anna quietly getting Alex ready for church. Bless her heart. Before church, the kids presented him with my crazy-- yet very pratical gift. Yes, I got my husband a set of gopher traps!

After lunch, John opened up the kids' cards-- oh and Paul's present.

We were all laughing because Paul didn't even know what it was-- hey it's the thought that counts. John and I noticed that Paul's eyes were a little wet-- he has such a tender heart.

Anastasia went all out with her card!

John read cards from each of the kids-- Annalyn offered to wash his car!

At church today, the middle boys made these "DAD" cards.

For dinner, we had cajun shrimp pasta-- a bit spicy-- but still very yummy!

Happy Father's Day John! We think you are the best!


All day Dennis was rubbing under his eye dressing. Finally it popped off exposing his eye.

I quickly bandaged it back up with a much more pratical sized covering. I am thankful that he is on antibiotics-- just in case. One of the kids read that they could give him diarrhea-- hopefully it will balance out the constipation effects of the Tylenol with Codeine. Dennis continues to have pain-- but wow is he a trooper!


  1. I love the piture of Paul with his Dad! In the video you made in your last post you could see how happy he was to be with his new Dad. Very sweet.

    Poor Denis. He certainly is a trooper.

  2. You can see how proud that Paul is to have such a great man to call his dad! Paul's happiness just radiates from his smile.
    Wishing that Dennis' pain goes away, poor little guy.

  3. Aw, poor little guy. I hope he has a fast recovery!

  4. look at all the brothers and sis' around him... Come on brother! we are here for you!

  5. I'm glad Paul has such a tender heart.

  6. You know Christine, when I sometimes think about, is it good or not to have so many children, then I have to think, would it be good, if you had for instant ten children, and Anastasia, Paul, Alex or Dennis had remained in Ukraine, Galina somewhere else. They would be still waiting. And I get the answer. It's so simple!

  7. Hi! Dennis poor baby his eye looks so sore.I hope John had a great father's day. Pat

  8. This post made me cry.
    I just read a really sad book and was thinking of how much I miss my Daddy who only passed away 5 years ago.
    John is an awesome Dad!
    And Dennis is the bravest little boy I "know".

    (I have the same tan-lines on my legs as you. haha.)

  9. His eye does look sore but boy it looks SO GOOD!!!! I can't wait to see it all healed up! Love all the support your family gives to each other - a true blessing indeed!


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