Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fun Fun Fun!

What a special day it was! Sveta turned 14 today-- and we celebrated-- BIG TIME!

The girls got dressed up for the day-- because Sveta requested it.

The girls' friend Ashlyn came over. Before the boys got home from school-- they had fun jumping on the trampoline.

Dennis was in heaven with all the balloons. He loved popping them!

After lunch, I took the girls out for frozen yogurt. Wouldn't you know that as I made an illegal turn into the shopping center (what was I thinking)-- there was a police officer waiting to pull out onto the street. Instead, he put his vehicle in reverse and followed me to the parking spot. "License, registration, and insurance please." He went back to write up my ticket expecting to see current proof of insurance when he returned-- which I couldn't find. Of course-- I only found an old card. When the officer came back-- I was in near tears thinking about the cost of a ticket and what he would say about me not being able to show proof of current insurance-- and then he gave me an early birthday present.

He let me off with a warning.

Praise the Lord-- I was very thankful. So were the girls as they all shouted, "THANK YOU MR. POLICE OFFICER!"

Now-- back to the yogurt.

It was so fun being out with the girls!

I feel so blessed to have such amazing daughters!

John got home early and took the kids swimming while I cooked nachos for dinner.

Here is how Sveta got in the pool.

Don't worry-- she loved every second!

Back home, we had nachos, watermelon, and soda!

Sveta requested a big coconut cake! We had bonus homemade chocolate pudding pies courtesy of Julia.

After cake, Sveta opened her presents. I bet you'll never guess what she got!

Later, I helped the girls decorate journals-- which could have went all night!

I had to remind them that if we didn't wrap up with the journal making, we wouldn't have time to pierce Sveta's ears! That was her birthday surprise!

And can you believe-- I did it! She was so brave!

Happy birthday sweetheart! We love you so much! In the last six years we have watched you blossom into the wonderful young lady you are today! Keep shining!


  1. Looks like a great birthday!
    I love the photo of all the girls - especially Galina's big, pink, flowery hat! Haha! :)

  2. Hi! The girls doing the congo around the pool is really cute. My younger sons were just line dancing on my patio yesterday while listening to a jars of clay song on the radio.The line dance really did not go with the jar of clay song but they had fun and summer is a time of the year to have fun in the sun . Pat

  3. You always make birthdays so special for your kids - what a precious family!

  4. Happy Birthday to Sveta! Looks like a wonderful day!

  5. Happy Birthday, Sveta. What a wonderful celebration.

  6. In the picture off all your girls standing, Anastasia and Annalyn looks kind of like i thing :)

  7. That was so much fun happy Birthday Sveta!!!!

  8. Happy Birthday Sveta! What gorgeous pictures of all the girls!

  9. this post. Sounds like a great day. Happy Birthday Sveta!

  10. What a fantastic girls' day to celebrate!! Happy Birthday Sveta!!!

  11. Happy Birthday to Sveta! It looked like a wonderful way to celebrate. I love how the flowers behind Galina look like she is wearing a headpiece. She should have attended the royal wedding. :-)

  12. God knew what He was doing when you got there first. :)

  13. You guys sure know how to have fun!

    P.S. Do you have current proof of insurance in your vehicle now? : )


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