Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cooling Off!

It is plain ol' hot here. The kids go out to play for the first time around seven in the evening-- unless you count yesterday when they played four square in the garage because the van was backed out so Caleb could wash it. To break the monotony of our summer days, I took the kids swimming down at the clubhouse this afternoon. I was preoccupied with Dennis' eye and him not getting it wet in the water or exposing it to the sun too much, but other than that it was fun.

We ate Otterpops and apple slices-- and just hung out. A family next to us dropped their box of crackers and didn't bother to pick up the ones that spilled out on the ground-- but don't worry Dennis took care of it! When I wasn't looking he picked up all the crackers and was eating them.

Alex enjoyed putting his feet in the water. Hopefully one day, he will be a swimmer!

Caleb, Andrew, and Jonny

Anastasia, Sveta, and Anna

Tomorrow we are going swimming again! This time, some friends will be joining us.


  1. Hi! I bet you miss your own pool in your back yard. I loved seeing pictures of your children playing in the water in your previous homes.But your children seem to have fun at the community pool also. Pat

  2. It looks like you guys had a great time.The pool i bet felt nice.

  3. Hi! Enjoy your summer somedays will be fun and other days will be stressful but God does not give you anything you can not handle.Pat


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