Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Choo Choo Train

"Jonny, why don't you get off the computer now? You have been on long enough. Go do something else."

"Okay Mom, but I just have to finish this first because the levels are hecka, hecka, hecka long."

I gave him the look.

"Okay. I mean they are just hecka long."

I was driving Alex to his renal ultrasound appointment when we saw a train. Alex was excited, of course.

"Mom can I make train noise?"

"Yea sure Alex. Choo- choo!"

The next thing I knew Alex opened the door wide open as I was driving down the highway at freeway speeds.

"What?!!! Close that door-- now!" I screamed as I slowed down to pull over.

It took Alex a few seconds to process my command. He didn't even realize the danger he was in. I honestly don't know what was going through his head. I think I was more shaken (or is it shook) up than him at the end of it. As I drove to the appointment, I was thanking God that he was okay. I also thanked Him for answering my prayer. With Alex, I have never been quite sure about his actual ability to understand things. Every once in a while I expect him to "really" get it and find myself disappointed when he doesn't... and sometimes mad that he is "pretending" not to get it. I am sure you can imagine the frustration this brings upon the both of us-- especially me. So I prayed that God would show me in some way what are reasonable expectations of my son. I think He just did.

And for some reason this brings a big sigh of relief to me. He wasn't pretending. He is just being himself. The best little self he can be!

Oh... and great news! The tech did not see any sign of kidney reflux! I know that she isn't the final say, but to hear her say that his kidneys looked perfectly fine to her was music to my ears!


  1. Oh my goodness! I think my heart would have stopped!! Great news about his kidneys:-)

  2. I just love our family, they are great new things everyday.

  3. I just wanted to say: I've been following your blog for a while now, and your family is such a blessing. I'd love to have a family like yours when I'm an adult. I'm praying for Dennis and your whole family.
    --Joy Caroline

  4. Hi! Good luck on your trip and as far as Sasha goes if he needs a place to stay I might be able to see if our Ukraine pastor knows of a pastor in the area he can stay with. Please call me if you need my help.Pat

  5. Justin did the same thing in the car when we hosted him a few years back! He actually tood his seat belt off and opened the door! From then on the child locks were on. :) Happy to hear his kidneys look fine.

  6. I have the child locks on both back doors. It's funny when one of the teens hops in and forget to turn them off and then I have to get out and let a teen out!!

  7. So glad he is okay! I'm going to echo the others about using child locks, if you car has them. Most kids, not only ones with impairments, do not realize danger! My seven year old grandson has no "sensor" when it comes to danger. Being ADHD does NOT help. lol Therefore, it's just better to be safe than sorry because he doesn't "get it." :)

  8. Oh. Kidney reflux. The Dr. told me I probably had had kidney reflux at some point. Now I have chronic kidney disease. By the way, I think it can be either shaken or shook.

  9. That car event would have freaked me out also. Thankful he did not fall out.

    We live a life everyday with our eldest, almost 13 yrs where we can't begin to grasp what she does/doesn't understand. We learned in the past few weeks from some auditory processing software that she isn't distinguishing certain sounds from one another- so she doesn't "get" a lot of what is said; however, she doesn't "get" a lot of life around her either. I could so see her not opening that car door herself; but telling her younger siblings to do so, completely oblivous to the huge danger. We have to watch her closely so that she doesn't hurt herself or the younger siblings who trust her. Prayers for all our children who suffer in this area- that every year home brings more understanding of what is/is not a safe action.

    Blessings, Jennifer

  10. Hi!I hope you post about your trip.I feel it is a nice thing you are doing for children who have very limited resources and want to be exposed to the gospel.Blessings, Pat

  11. I'm always worried about my boys doing just that! I think little boys are also less likely to comprehend the danger of throwing open a door at highway speeds, regardless of listening ability. We have a rule in our car, as soon as they are in, the door is locked and they are not to touch the door handle until we have completely stopped.

    So glad to hear that the preliminary report is good, hope the doc says the same!

  12. Yep, has happened here! Child locks are ALWAYS on here! Thankfully Angela is trustworthy now, but I don't think Axel would understand the danger he is in if he did it. He is NOT allowed to have his hands on the car door AT ALL. Even though the child locks are on, there could come a time when he's in someone else's car, or the child locks get switched off, and I just don't want to take the chance that he's gotten in the habit of playing with the door.


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