Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Sometimes the kids drive me c-r-a-z-y!!! They can literally get on my last nerve. Then just when I think I can take no more-- there is a turning point and they remind me why I love them so much. I chose this life with each of them because despite our trials-- there are so many smiles!

Today I took Adam and Caleb ( and Galina) to the doctor for their Whooping Cough vaccine. Besides being given a paper pillow case by accident to wear during his exam-- Caleb had me laughing as the doctor made him walk like a duck and cough like an old man. Come time the boys got their shots, Adam asked to hold my hand. It took me back about 15 years. Who knew that a doctor visit could bring back such old memories. Caleb got four shots in order to complete his physical-- but he is good to play sports for another year. Galina didn't end up needing the vaccine-- I misread her shot record. Afterwards, the boys talked me into taking them and Galina to Rite Aid for ice-cream cones. But the Rite-Aid we went to didn't serve ice-cream-- Adam and I decided it was because their Rite Aid letters were red-- not blue.

So, we went over to Wal-Mart to birthday shop for Sveta and we got a little treat for the way home.

Julia tends to be a little rough when playing around so as an alternative to being grounded from computer for a day for being rough with Rachel-- Rachel and I agreed that Julia can give Rachel a half hour foot rub. It totally bonded the two (who are already close) who later sent goofy IM's to each other.

All the kids are into playing four square right now. Who knew (when we designed it) that our back patio would be perfect for playing.

I took Paul back to the eye doctor today so that he could have his eyes dilated. Last week, Paul's results were all over the place that the doctor wanted to see if dilating them would make a difference and then he would compare the results from both days. When the doctor strapped on this big box with a light on it to his head to look into Paul's eyes-- Paul shouted how cool it was! The doctor played along and asked him if he would like me to buy one for his birthday-- and Paul said yes! Paul's response had me giggling to myself.

Paul came home wearing these plastic shades to protect his eyes- and I convinced Anna that they were his new glasses. She was flabbergasted how cheap they looked-- and thought I was c-r-a-z-y for buying them when I told her that they were more expensive than regular ones. I told her that the paper and plastic were made from a type of material that doesn't actually tear-- and for a minute I had her convinced. Here is Paul wearing his awesome shades!

I love how Sveta, Anastasia, Paul, and Alex enjoy playing in the play place. They also enjoy pushing the dogs in the stroller. Definitely a smile.

P.S. Thank you for all of your wonderful suggestions about Dennis' eczema. I am sorry so many of you or your little ones also suffer from it too. It was an especially nice surprise when John brought home some special cream from a co-worker who reads this blog. That was incredibly thoughtful of you-- thank you. Also-- thank you for showing your support for our upcoming trip to Ukraine. It is amazing how God used you guys at the exact moment He knew I needed encouragement. Whether through an email or a donation or a phone call-- whatever it was-- it was done at the perfect moment. Don't ever think that God can't use you to bless others-- because He does. Thank you again.


  1. Mom I loved my footrub, Julia should totally do it every time she gets rough I love that idea don't you ??That was her fist time doing it to the girls it's always us doing hers....lol.

  2. Hi! The paper glasses seem to cool. It is so much fun seeing the fun in your family.When your children are older they will remember all the wonderful playful times you family had. pAT

  3. What a great play area. We have the money to build one for little G but its been too hot to be out. Over 100 degrees. I know what you mean about needing encouragement and someone stepping in and being Gods hands and feet at that moment- I got a card in the mail yesterday and I cried. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Oh man I really was laughing out loud picturing Anna's reaction. Totally made me smile.

  5. I wish You everything happy for your birthday, Sveta. :)

  6. Hi Christine,

    For some reason, I can't reply to the post about Dennis eczema, but I didn't see mention of the offending ingredients that could be part of his skin issue.

    SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) or SLES (Sodium Laureth Sulfate.

    Have a look at the ingredients in every kind of soap you use, and you will most likely find that ingredient listed.

    Try switching him to Burt's Bees Products or other SLS/SLES free products and his skin WILL clear up. You can find them at Walmart, Target & some grocery stores. Whole Foods & Trader Joes also have a good selection.

    Pick up shampoo, bath soap and some Dr. Bronner's liquid soap (to make foaming hand soap with. 1.5 caps into a foaming soap container, then add water. If you need lotion, pick up one with no parabens in it and make sure it has shea in the ingredients.

    Make sure your washer is rinsing laundry detergent completely out. You may have to rinse Dennis clothing twice.

    My daughter had eczema so bad that she was getting staph infections on her skin from them. It was really really horrible.

    I stopped using regular soap and stopped buying regular soap in favor of natural soap and her skin started to clear up. In the winter we use lotion bars that I make (email me at hoyden2894@gmail.com if you'd like the recipe. It would be a great project for your older home schoolers.)

    Now her eczema is COMPLETELY gone. Our routine was so successful that our pediatrician has been recommending it to other parents and they have used it with success as well.

    I can give you a bunch of websites to purchase soaps from if you'd like, but you can find them locally.

    Take care and I hope he feels better soon.

    ~ Noel


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