Friday, June 10, 2011

Another Year Young

Okay-- so I am another year older. Someone guessed 29-- I'll go with that.

No. Wait.
I am going to age gracefully.
36 is the magic number.
Yes, I am 36 years young now.
It was a nice birthday.
Besides the clean house, hot cup of coffee, and back massage,
I'll have to say that my favorite part was opening gifts.
I had a stack of cards-- the best ones were homemade of course.
I opened up Andrew's card and found a Starbucks card.
I immediately began to laugh my head off-- tears of overwhelming love for my son.
This card looked awfully familiar.
I think it was the card I gave Dennis to play with a few weeks back because it no longer had any money on it.
"Where did you get that Andrew?" a sib asked. "How much money does it have on it?"
"I found it on the carpet by the couch. I'm sure it has about $15 on it."
Andrew was totally sincere.
John and I plan to go out and use that gift card soon.
After all, it is the thought that counts.

Next, I opened up William's card which had a bunch of coupon squares drawn on the back. Only four of the spaces were written in-- the rest were blank. Initially I thought this was hilarious too. At first thought it appeared as if I was worth sixteen coupons, but I guess that William thought four was enough. As I tried to contain my giggling, Adam pointed out that the last coupon said that I am to fill out the rest how ever I want to.

What a great idea! Love it.

I got lots of sweet cards, mint chocolate from Rachel-- and something new-- meaning without Dad's help. With Adam driving now, he and Caleb went to the store and got me some dish towels one day after school. Very thoughtful.

I guess the funniest part of my birthday was when Dennis read me his birthday card to me.
"What does your card say Dennis?" I asked.
He used his pointy finger to read each line.

"Happy birthday. I love my daddy."

P.S. Today is the last day to enter the raffle. Thank you again for all of your contributions. You guys rock!


  1. Happy Birthday Christine!!!! Glad you had a nice day.

  2. Happy 36th Birthday Mom
    I hope you had a great Birthday!!!!!
    I love you

  3. Happy birthday to an amazing mother of an amazing family.

  4. Happy Birthday, Christine. Sounds like you've had a wonderful day so far. Hope the rest is simply fabulous!

  5. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. I can't fathom being that young. My heavens. I could never have started a family so young; I was way too immature!

    :) Happy Birthday!

  7. Happy Birthday Christine!
    You are such a wonderful person!


  8. "Happy birthday. I love my daddy."

    That is too, too cute. You'll have to remind him of that one when he's older. :)

  9. Happy Birthday! It sounds like it was great. Dennis cracks me up, way too cute!

  10. Happy Birthday! Hahaha! Love the card from Dennis! :)

  11. Hi! happy Birthday you are truly a woman who will have many blessings over this year. Pat


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