Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Another Real Glimpse Into Our Family

This was how John's birthday cake was when he blew out his candles. William cannot stand chocolate frosting and could not even tolerate to have his piece of cake remain in the dish for fear of it accidentally touching the frosting on the rest of the cake. So he took it out to save for later when we all had cake.

Still, John had a happy birthday. He is the best father, the best husband, and we love him so!

To be honest, this afternoon was a bit overwhelming for me. The ribs that I got out to make for dinner turned out to be spoiled-- but I did not find out until I cut open the package to cook them. Ewwe! Plan B was to either take out something else to thaw and cook or serve cold cereal. I figured that cooking up tacos was more appropriate for a birthday dinner. On top of that, one of my daughters (while on a 1 hour phone call) didn't click over to one of Caleb's 10 calls to be picked up from basketball practice so Adam left to pick him up and then stop by the store. A few minutes later Caleb is dropped off by his coach and I am left to wonder how long until Adam figures this out. While cooking dinner, I run down to the school where I find Adam parked out in front of the gym waiting for Caleb. After straightening things out, I run back home to get dinner on the table so the kids can get to our church's youth group kick off night. Of course I am not sharing all the other little things that contributed to my feeling overwhelmed-- but I ended up having a good cry with John during couch time-- on his birthday. Happy birthday honey-- from your crazy, over emotional wife! Bless his heart-- he told me that if something like this happens on his birthday next year he would love cold cereal.

I went around with the camera taking random pictures of the kids-- here are some of them.

Isn't Sveta growing more beautiful each day? I can't believe she is fourteen years old already. It seems like just yesterday that she was eight years old.

Miss Anna is growing up too! Literally-- she has grown so much this year!

And look at Mr.William. Doesn't he have the dreamiest eyes?

Paul and Jonny can be such goofy boys! They asked if they could eat the left over tortillas-- and I said sure! And in their eyes that makes me the best Mom ever! Pretty Cool! What makes you the best Mom ever?

This is Dennis. He just doesn't get a break. Looks like he is allergic to the adhesive tape. So I tried bandaging up his eye using less tape in a different area so that the raw areas of skin could heal. On a brighter note-- his eczema is doing great and he is still the happiest, busiest little boy on this planet!
After I took this first picture of Dennis, he insisted that I take more pictures of him and Alex. So here they are!

I don't know about you, but I think this picture is the cutest ever!

For summer vacation, each of the older kids has one full day of kitchen duty and the four middle boys share one day. After all the kids have had a turn, the rotation starts over. Kitchen duty includes loading, unloading, wiping down counters, putting away leftovers, cleaning off the table, shaking out rugs, and sweeping. Today was William, Paul, Andrew, and Jonny's day. That means it was my day too since teaching the boys keeps me in the kitchen with them. William had a hard time being a team player so he actually has kitchen duty by himself tomorrow which suits us both just fine. Paul, Andrew, and Jonny did a pretty good job working together. Paul unloaded the dishes and shook out rugs. He tried to sweep too, but it was painful for me to watch him try and maneuver our big industrial size broom-- so I caved in and did it myself. Andrew loaded the dishwasher and washed the big pans by hand. Jonny helped wipe off the counter and put away condiments at lunch.

I have a feeling that this is Paul's summer to blossom! He is so much more invested in our family than he was a few months ago-- it is a blessing to be a part of it!


  1. Fun to get a peek into your family-life! Coming from a big family, and having 7 children myself, all the dynamics make perfect sense, and I know are wonderful memories for future days!! I probably missed something somewhere, but am curious, what are you doing differently for Dennis that his eczema is clearing up?

  2. I LOVE reading about your family!some days. . . life is just chaotic and out of control! I know that overwhelmed feeling all too well. I love your honesty and your openness!

  3. My husband's bd is the 21st. Crazy because it's Father's Day, then bd follow less than two weeks late by anniversary.

  4. You probably already tried it with Dennis... elastic net band? I had surgery on both my eyes as I was 4. My mother cut out a pirate band from an old pillowcase. I wore it very proudly over my bandage... Try this one too...

  5. you have got yourself a wonderful hubby and father. we try so hard to make their day special and they are just happy with cold cereal. me, hearing that is like getting roses from him. i love how you make every person in your family honoured on their special day! your kiddos are so beautiful and happy! thanks for inspiring me as i attempt to shine where i am.

  6. You're kids are all beautiful! Denis is such a sweetie! And, you are pretty amazing and awesome - I don't know how you do it all - I only have two and it takes forever to get just the three of us out the door in the morning.

  7. Honestly, for me it is the little crazy things that drive me the most crazy. I can handle one big thing much better than a day full of the crazies. Hope today is calmer. :)

    I just love reading about Paul. He seems like such a neat little kid.

  8. Happy Birthday John! Glad to hear you had such a fantastic day! What a mix up with Adam, Caleb and un named daughter. :) the joys of teenagehood, long long phone calls. I too really like the picture of Dennis and Alex, they just seem so close!

  9. sorry you had a rough day. For Dennis' tape problem try to get some latex free tape (if it exist but I imagine it does :D) to see if it helps.

  10. I muar say your hubby is fantastic. You're very blessed to have him..which i'm sure you know.

    Love all the pics..
    as for the overwhelmed part..i'm there..we are going through a rough patch right now..hubby is on strike and one of my beautiful littles is going up for adoption. We applied but were of course turned down. She's been with us for two years.
    Foster parents are not a priority in adopting unless the child is deemed not highly adoptable. aka..special needs.

  11. Happy birthday to your wonderful husband.

    Love those pictures.

    Poor Dennis. I also get a rash from the adhesive on bandages/tape if it is on for long periods of time. I think the rash is worse. Mine gets itchy and spreads worse. Hoping Dennis heals quickly.

    Kitchen duty sounds like a great idea.

  12. I'm allergic to the adhesive in medical tape too. I use the self-sticking elastic band. The kind they wrap around your arm when you donate blood?? It comes in pretty colors! :) Love the pics! The girls sure have grown up a lot! They look so mature now!

  13. Poor little guy!!! That does not look fun!

  14. One of my boys is allergic to adhesive too. Have you tried paper tape?


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