Saturday, June 11, 2011

And the Winners Are...

Thank you to all who donated to our raffle for our trip to Ukraine. Your show of support is very much appreciated. Blessings to you all!

Now for the winners!

Debra Sutton won the underwater trio!

Kelly Farrand's name was drawn for this blanket!

Jill Donnely won this hat and scarf set.

Kathy Cassel's name was drawn for these dishcloths.

Christine Robins is the winner of this owl bag.

Karen Combes is the winner of this owl bag!


P.S. Some of you have emailed me about the owl bags. The thing is-- they are a lot of work (about 6 hours) and I need to order at least a dozen of the bags. The other owl bags sold for $30 each, so that is what I would like to continue selling them for since they are for a fundraiser. I know that is a lot, but maybe someone will still be interested. If you do want to buy one, please leave a comment. If I get enough orders, I will commit to making a dozen.

Thank you so much!


  1. That's exciting! I love the owl bags! I didn't realize how much work goes into making them. I'd be glad to purchase one as well for one of my nieces.

  2. Congratulation Winners! Christine, I would surely pay $30 for one of the owl bags, I think they are gorgeous, especially the white/green one. :-)

  3. Hi Christine, you've been busy! The bags and other items are beautiful, I'm sure everyone will love theirs.

    I wanted to pass on some info to you regarding the eczema post. Check out She is a special educator and nutritionist who has followed much research on how nutrition can affect the body. My youngest suffered from eczema, and we are now using the supplements she recommends.

    God bless, Jen

  4. Christine, If you decide to make more owl bags, I'd like a black one like the one that Karen Combes won. Very cute!!!!

  5. WooHoo! And I can't wait to hear more about your trip. Already praying for the sweeties you'll be meeting.

  6. I would be happy to purchase a bag. My oldest daughter and I are already fighting over it. Jessa

  7. Hi Christine. Im a long time reader of your blog and admire you very much. You are a wonderful mother and have a beautiful soul.

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