Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wiggin' Out With Jokes and Pies

Today we worked on finding our new normal. Home school is over-- summer school has began. Some kids get up to go to school-- others beg to sleep in an extra hour. No more driving Adam and Caleb to school-- the trade off is driving around our 15 passenger van all the time. My toe feels so much better, but I can't stand to wear closed toe shoes.

Life is ever changing. Today I am realizing all over again-- change is hard.
The night we came back from our dinner out with Rachel, we walked in on the kids playing Musical Chairs. I thought it was cool.

Cheese and Fruit pies are so simple. But they are the bomb! Roll out a ready made pie crust. Fill with cream cheese beat with powdered sugar. Top with lemon or strawberry pie filling and bake! Oh my-- you will love them!

Do you like my new wig? Just for the fun of it, I am wearing it on our shopping trip to Target tomorrow. Won't that be fun?

I am a happy as a bee tonight because I have my new teeth! Doesn't that sound weird? But it is true. My three crowns were cemented today. Now I can chew!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to those who have donated to our fundraiser. I went ahead and bought our tickets before the prices went up any higher. We are leaving on July 13th. My desire is to share everything with you so that you can feel like you are with us because in a way you are. Does that make sense? Thank you for being a part of showing God's love to the least of these in Crimea, Ukraine.

Thank you Rachel for all of the toiletries! They will surely bless a multitude of children and their families.


We are a fun, joking family if you don't already know that. The kids shared two funny jokes today. My brilliant idea for another fundraiser was to charge $1 to read them. Just kidding. LOL-- nearly rolling on the floor as Caleb and Adam are over my shoulder reading this.

Annalyn says, "You are such a party pooper! So make sure you bring lots of toilet paper!"

Caleb says-- "Now where is my buck?"

Aunt Tanya asks, "So Anna, do you remember any of your Russian?"

Anna, the brilliant sarcastic girl that she can be answers-- "Choot-Choot!" (which means a little bit)

Last but not least, John says-- "Did you know that diarrhea is hereditary? It runs in your jeans!"


  1. Liked the diarrhea joke!! Don't know if I'd pay $1 for it, maybe 50cents. :)

  2. Can you please share in more detail how to make these beautiful looking pie's. I am looking for easy desserts for my teen to make and these look like a winner for him to do. It would be fantastic for him to take to worship night on wed's.

  3. Fruit pies look great but can you explain the instructions a little better.. lol
    Also, where is your granola recipe.. I am dying to try it..
    Thanks Christine!
    Stacey in NY

  4. LOved this post..your happiness is contagious.
    glad you have your new teeth
    i was unable to access my blog at all for over a week..was unable to post or comment as well..so i'm just catching up here

  5. Hi! I thought your fruit pies look just like the ones I buy from a bakery so wonderful to eat. Pat

  6. I'm gonna have to try one of those pies, they look yummy! Love your orange hair! you really did look cute! did you get any lookers at Target? praying you raise the necessary funds for your trip in July!

  7. Mom your wig is very cool!!!!!!!!!

  8. Love the jokes. I sure have missed following your family on here. I need to be a better blog reader.

  9. Please tell us how to make the pies! I am dying to try it. how long do you bake it & how do you make the cream cheese filling.


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