Tuesday, May 24, 2011

We're Doing Well

Dennis is home! His quick, little surgery went well. It was a new hospital that we went to, but the staff was spectacular. We got there early-- so he had surgery half an hour earlier-- unheard of this day and age. He did wake up groggy and in pain, but did not throw up! They even let us go home early rather than stay the whole hour in recovery. One ear is in a lot of pain, but with Tylenol he is tolerating it grumpily.

As for my toe-- though it looks worse, it is actually feeling so much better today. Last night, the girls prayed, massaged my foot, applied ice, and rubbed hot muscle cream all over. Today, I am thankful.

Annalyn is beginning to take an interest in cooking more. I asked her to cut up the pork chops for dinner and she watched me marinate them. Thank you sweet heart!


  1. Thats great mom that every thing with Dennis went well.I sorry about our toe still.As for Annalyn you go girl!!!
    From Rachel

  2. Glad to hear it went well for Dennis. Ouch - what happened to your toe? Guess I missed a post.

  3. Hi!I am glad your toe is feeling better.I love to see how you are teaching your daughters skills that will aid them in being good homemakers.I know it is a lot of work now but when they are older their husbands will thank you.You are doing a great job in preparing your children for the right path with God.PAT

  4. So glad to hear that Dennis did better coming our of anestesia, poor little guy he has been through more in his young life than most of us would ever encounter in a life time and he just keeps on smiling. Human spirit is amazing!


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