Wednesday, May 4, 2011

These Look Pretty Good

I want to see this movie when it comes out. Doesn't it look good? I also want to see this movie. Oh wait.. this one looks good too. This one looks like it will be a winner. I might as well mention this one too.


  1. Hi!I loved the movie beat the drum. A real tear jerker. I will buy the dvd when it comes out. Thanks for sharing, Pat

  2. : ) I love movies too. These look great! Wish we didn't live on opposite coasts so we could go together!

  3. oh thank you so much for posting about all these movies here! now I just need to find time to watch them all, because seriously, I couldn't decide which one is the winner :D they all look too awesome :D

  4. I haven't actually seen Fireproof yet. I need to put it on my netflix list. Two summers ago the girls and I had the chance to watch it at ICRS with kirk cameron or to see Kung Fu Panda and have pictures with Po. Hmmmm..... Guess which they chose.

    Waiting for Soul Surfer to hit the cheap theater.

    My favorites for this year are Dawn Treader and Tangled : )


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