Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sibling Love

A picture says a thousand words-- or one can hope.  This picture does not do justice the sweetness I witnessed between William and his little brothers.  Right now there is Toy Story madness going on in our house with Alex and Dennis.  William is watching it with them.  Anything and everything has to be Toy Story.  So glad to see five year old toys being played with to death all over again.  I thought Sharpie markers were only taken to the bottom of Buzz and Woody's shoes. Oh well.

Galina and Rachel are being cuddle bugs in this picture.  It is amazing to see how well Galina is bonding with all of her new sisters.


  1. Hi! My children loved watching toy story when they were younger. We had all the little toy figures of the story characters.It was a lot of fun watching them play with the toy story characters. Pat

  2. Love Toy Story. Love that Andy had an NIV Bible packed in his box for college in TS 3 : )

  3. We still watch Toy Story-never gets old. Great pictures of togetherness...

  4. Precious moments/memories!

  5. I love seeing pics of siblings God has brought together through adoption. You can see such love between your precious kids.

    So excited to read about your trip to the Ukraine this summer. I'll be following your blog to see how we can help you get there. It sounds like a wonderful ministry.

    Much Love,

  6. KathyC, I must have missed that detail. :) Thanks for telling me.

  7. Kathie-- so glad to see you post. How are you feeling these days? I would love your help, prayers, anything!


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