Monday, May 16, 2011

The School Year is Finishing Up

The kids are finishing strong this school year.    Adam's hard work was recognized by a few of his teachers.
He received three awards-- in AP Euro, Biology, and Math!  Next year his math teacher suggested that Adam take Calculus.  And guess what?  Adam is up for the challenge.

Alex is so showing such an interest in school now.  At the beginning of this year, it was a struggle to get through his homework.  Alex would cry with frustration when it came time to tackle his work packet-- he did not know his letters and could hardly hold a pencil correctly.  Fast forward six months-- Alex now asks if I have additional stuff for him to do! 

Alex's excitement has Dennis asking for homework too!  It is awesome! 

Alex recognizes letters and numbers.  He is learning to make a pattern, what bigger and smaller is, and phonics.  He can recognize a few sight words too!  Way to go Alex!

My homeschoolers were tested last week to see how much growth they had made since they began homeschooling.  All of them made progress-- some by giant leaps!

Jonny who is finishing up first grade began homeschooling at a second grade level.  We went with that and had him do Saxon second grade math all year long.  Now he is testing at the fourth grade level!

Sveta is not far behind him!  She grew by leaps and bounds this year too!  My plan is to have Sveta, Anastasia, and Jonny all doing Saxon third grade math next year.  I am so excited to have the three of them doing the same math.  It should make things easier.

As for my newest daughter, it was great to see her testing beyond her grade level.  Had she just slowed down a little during the test, I am certain she would have scored even higher.  And Anastasia-- oh my!  She has learned to tell time, count money, borrow in subtraction, carry in addition, multiply, and round.  She is reading, writing, and has learned cursive.  I see the difference in her and Paul's progress so I continue to work with him on the weekends.

Seeing the growth that my homeschooling kids have made this year is confirmation that homeschooling is going well.  Honestly, I needed to see that.  So often I feel like I am not doing it right. 

I often think of bringing home the rest of my younger boys, but I know my limits.  So... I am working little by little to bring them home.  Next year, I am homeschooling William.  Next year, Dennis is going into kindergarten.  An even trade.  If that goes well-- who knows what the future will hold!


  1. Hi!Good work your children did so well in your homeschooling program because you did so well with your lessoning plans and your teaching techiques. God is so good for aiding you. Blessings, Pat

  2. It sounds like they are all doing well.

  3. Congrats to Adam!!! I have a question that has nothing at all to do with this post. :) We have a friend who is interested in volunteering in an orphanage in Russia/Ukraine for a couple months. While we have adopted three children from Russia, I have no idea where to send her. Would you have any suggestions?
    Thank you!

  4. Wow!! You must be one proud mom. Way to go kids!
    So glad to hear they are all doing so well.
    Keep up the great work guys.

  5. I am so excited that things are working out well for you guys!! The test scores are awesome confirmation that you are doing the right thing for your family and that you are doing it well!

  6. Congratulations! It is so rewarding to see the fruits of your labors. God has sustained you and guided you. Praise God. It will only get easier from here! :)

  7. The new formatting of the type on your blog is VERY hard to read… please go back to the serif type and not this terrible font!

  8. Congrats to Adam! I wasnt sure but he isn't being homeschooled right? I had thought that Adam and Caleb were both in public school and that just the older girls and Johnny were at home. Hmm...?? I know how hard core subjects were for me (I excelled in the arts) and for Adam to recieve recignition for all his hard work among a pile of other students is fabulous!! Way to go Adam keep up that hard work!!

  9. I'm glad it's all working out!! It's nice to see the progress, I've been seeing it in my students too. It's amazing.

  10. Jody, if your friend wants to go to Russia I can hook her up with a friend who serves at an orphanage in Ivanovo where my girls came from. For Ukraine, I can give you some suggestions as well. Email me if you would like more info.

  11. Catherine, Adam and Caleb are not homeschooled. Core subjects wre hard for me too so I know he didn't get his great grades from me!

  12. So glad that homeschooling is going well. I don't know how many you are schooling at home right now, but I have schooled 8 at once, plus little ones at home, too.

    It is GREAT when you can have multiple kids doing the same books (like Saxon). We have done a LOT of our studies with 3 or 4 kids doing the same studies at the same time. Makes things MUCH easier for mama.

    After 20+ years of homeschooling, I'm still going strong and looking forward to the next 9 years (when my youngest 2 will graduate).

    Laurel :)


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