Sunday, May 29, 2011

Rachel Moves Up

Rachel has graduated! She is now an official high schooler. Since we are homeschooling her, she didn't have a traditional graduation ceremony, but we did do something special for her. We took her out to dinner, a little shopping, cruising in the parking lots, finishing the evening with frozen yogurt!

We got her a pretty jewelry box with some nice earrings.

Isn't she beautiful? We are so proud of her!

Stay true... stay beautiful... inside and out. We love you!


  1. Congratulations to Rachel. :)
    They are great photos, and I love the jewelry box you bought her! :)

  2. She is absolutley gorgeous! (I have always been a little envious of her hair actually :) I can't ever figure out what to do with mine and hers looks so naturally and effortlessly beautiful *sigh* ) Congrats Rachel on your graduation! I hope you had a wonderful time out with your parents to celebrate!!! :)

  3. Congratulations to Rachel and her parents! I know it took a lot of effort from all to get her to the point she is today. Way to go!

    Rachel, may you seek the Lord with heart, soul, body and strength and may you always aim to bring Him glory and honor in all you do. Congrats, again!

  4. Congrats!
    I really like Your dress :)

  5. Congratulations, Rachel! Stunning photos exuding so much joy. And I *love* the jewelry box!

    Blessings to all,
    Laura :)

  6. She is gorgeous. Funny how things are different. Sergei and Maxim had very elaborate 8th grade graduations at the Catholic School (most high schools don't have the level of traditions), but at Summit there is no recognition of 8th grade whatsoever because there is also a High School, I guess. Everyone's focus is on the HS students. And I went to a Junior High where there was no recognition of 8th grade graduation either.

    Nice you recognized her accomplishments; she is lovely.

  7. What a beautiful blessed young lady you have and so smart to boot. Congrats Rachel! Job well done!

  8. Congrats Rachel!! Good work!! :) Love you!!!

  9. She is just so beautiful! I so remember her in the Embassy office in Ukraine. She has really grown up!
    Congratulations Rachael! I love the pictures of her with you and John.

  10. Way to go Rachel! My son thinks homeschool high school is the BEST! We have given him the option to go to a public charter school but he chose to stay home!
    Also, Christine, LOVE those panda canvases in the background and want them all!!! Where was that? My Chinese children share a room and have a love for all things panda! :)

  11. Did she gradulate highschool at 15 years old ? That is wonderful. My daughter gradulated public highschool at 16 years and stated college at 16 years old. My son graduated highschool at 16 years old and started taking college classes at 16 years old. Go girl go.You must be so proud of her.Pat

  12. What a beauty! Congratulations Rachel!!

  13. Congrats! I love that jewelry box, it's so bright and colorful. And while all the photos are great, that last one of the two of you is just gorgeous!


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