Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Mostly Smiles

I think we have a clown in the house!
Or two!
Dennis sleeps in the craziest positions.  You should trying sleeping next to him!  He always has his head tilted way back--probably to breathe better.  What is so sweet is that you can go up to him and give him a thousand kisses on the cheek, nose, and forehead and he will sleep right through them all!
Anna in her little jail--or so it looks like it.  She had to go to her bed early as a consequence. 
When I opened the door to Adam and Caleb's room to tell them something, I saw this-- Adam messing around with Paul on the guitar.  What??  To a Mom-- it was a sweet moment.
As I was driving under the overpass, I looked up to where Ben's home was.  Everything had been cleaned up.  Ben is gone.  I wonder where he went?  After a few times, I never really had the opportunity to help Ben again.  Every time we went by, we did not see him.  Now he is gone. Hope he is okay.


  1. Hi! I thought it was nice that you helped the homeless. Some people just turn their backs and walk away you did not. But some homeless people may be homeless due to mental health issues and not taking their medication which they may not be able to afford. If the mentally ill consumers are not taking their medications they may not realize they have a problem . Many homeless shelters are so over crowded due to this down economy. Some homeless people may feel it is safer to sleep outside then to be in an unsafe homeless shelter.Some mentally ill consumers may sleep outside especially if the weather is warmer like this time of the year. In Erie there are many programs for the homeless we even have different shelters that service different consumers populations(men only ,women and children,domestic violence shelter, and family shelters,etc drug and alcoholic abusers etc )> Thanks for helping, Pat

  2. Jonathan sleeps with his head tilted back like that too! I always wondered why that was, but you're right, probably so that he can breath. Thanks for posting this, you helped solve a question of mine!


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