Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Keep Knocking

Yup. Definitely like a yo-yo.

I took Dennis to a pediatric dentist yesterday. He did so well, bless his little heart. It probably helped that Toy Story 3 was playing on the ceiling. He has seven cavities, needs a baby root canal, and another tooth needs a crown. Add to it the cost of general anesthesia and we are looking at over $1000. This would most likely be done in August, but I mentally still think we need the money for it now. When I think that way it seems like there is more to bite than we can chew. When I worry about today, tomorrow, and the next all at the same time-- life seems impossible.

Christine, think of just today. Do what you are supposed to do today.

Take that leap of faith.

Be thankful for your provision today and trust for tomorrow.

I am trusting that we are going to serve on this trip... and having Dennis' teeth worked on in August.

What makes you so sure? Why do you trust Christine?

Because God is good. He is bigger. When you stop and listen, when you remain faithful... He is right there next to you. You know, He loves us right?


Last week or maybe the week before that when I was at the dentist, I asked the hygienist about donating toothbrushes for the children's camp this summer. They didn't do that, she said. Check out Oral B's web site and request the toothbrushes directly from them. Defeated, I did what I was told and sent the manufacturer a nice email. Their answer was no too.

But I didn't give up.

At the dentist today, I asked the women at the front desk. Immediately one of them came over to me... an open door. I can help you. Did I hear that you need toothbrushes? How many? When do you need them by? Is it okay if they come in this pouch with floss and toothpaste too?

Keep knocking and the door will be opened. Seek Me and you will find Me.

She seemed genuinely interested in hearing what we were doing and suggested setting up a booth to sell baked goods at the appreciation picnic they host in June.

Thank you Lord!

A few of you asked about making ziplock gift bags for the kids. I could sure use your help with that. Don't need toothbrushes or toothpaste. :)

Here is a list of suggested items that can go in the bags.

activity pads
small coloring book
hair accessories
rubber balls
toy cars
deck of cards
hard candy

If you would like to bless a child this summer with their very own gift bag, please email me at

I am trying to work out a kink with Paypal so that I can do a raffle for the owl bags.
I am also making the Cinnamon popcorn to sell. I double coated it for added yum! Do you think pans of cinnamon rolls would sell?


  1. Hey Christine, I know it's a bit off topic but I figured it would be fun. Kind of a question and answer thing. What is your favorite thing to do with each of your children and what is your favorite memory of them. (with Oksana I love to sing songs in the car at the top of our lungs and chatting just girl talk and my favorite memory of her is playing tag in Kazakhstan and I saw her relax and laugh for the first time.) you don't have to answer I just thought it would be neat to see what types of things your kids like to do with just you and them. :)

  2. Hi Christine, how would we get the donations or gift bag to you? What age group?

    Cheryl in ID

  3. If it's Dennis' baby teeth would it be better just to pull them and put in spacers for the permanent teeth? He should start losing baby teeth fairly soon and maybe that would save some money. We've never had work done on baby teeth (I'm not remembering that any was suggested) and the kids have been fine. We got sealants as soon as the permanent teeth came in.

  4. Great post Christine! Your faith is wonderful and it helps me to try harder in my own life!(I felt like giving up today)

  5. please get a 2nd opinion on those teeth. We were told our daughter had 4 cavaties and went for a 2nd opinion...turns out she has NO cavaties. I have seen shows on pedatric dentists telling parents that the kids need all kinds of dental work and they do not. This is especially true of the Healthy Smiles dentistry places and any place that takes state medical assistance.

  6. what a wonderful blessing about the toothbrushes!
    So right, never lose faith. He is always listening .

  7. Hi!I think cinnamon rolls will sell. It would be nice if you could ship them.Maybe you could set up a table outside wallmart or another store.Let me know if you can ship them I will buy some. Pat

  8. I know your cinnamon buns would sell, they look delish !!!!!

  9. Hello, I tried emailing you but it told me the email address wasn't right. I would like to send you a couple ziplock bags full of things for the kids. Could you email me the address to send them to you? When do you need them by?


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