Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just a Phase

Dear Mom,
I am sorry that I am going through the "I think it is cool to break and disassemble everything" phase right now.  I know it drives you crazy.  I know it makes you angry.  But I can't help it.  It is just too cool to smash my toy cars with the rocks from the rock river.  Hey-- it is kind of your fault anyway, the way you put all those tempting rocks out there. 
Oh, and about all those screws in the washing machine.  Did you forget to check my pockets again?  They came from the plastic green motorcycle outside.  Those screws holding on the dashboard were just begging to be unscrewed.
As for those three flashlights you had stashed away for when the power goes out-- who knew they were made up of so many different little pieces.  Kinda sorta reminded me of a puzzle, except I couldn't cut them up.  Trust me, I tried-- that is why the little light bulbs in the flashlights are broken.
Since you can hardly keep up with my little shenanigans, I thought I'd give you some pointers.  Hide all of the scissors in the house including the pair I hid in the cereal box behind the couch.  Unplug the pencil sharpener so I won't be tempted to sharpen Dad's screwdriver again.  Get those band aids that already have the ointment on them and get rid of the tube of Neosporin.  That stuff sure is messy!  Oh and don't leave rolls of toilet paper right next to the toilet-- they are too tempting.
Just like the "change my own diaper" phase and "refuse to let you feed me" phase-- this too shall pass.  Please be patient with me. 
Oh, and thanks for letting me mosey on into your bed almost every night around 4 in the morning.  I'll outgrow this too.  But for now, it is nice to know that you are there when I need you.


  1. Four years old??? Yes. This will pass. But you have been there and know that already. I'll just keep you in my prayers in the meantime. I loved the four year old stage! : )

  2. Our toilet paper holder in the kid's bathroom is about six inches from the ceiling. No kidding. I can barely reach it!!!! But at least I'm not finding whole rolls in the toilet any more.

  3. Darling, lovely, oh-so-true letter! I love it, and love your understanding attitude. Our kids also come into our room when they need to, during the night or wee hours of the morning. I was just realizing that tho' it seems it was just yesterday we often woke with 4 kids in our room, we rarely have anyone join us anymore. They sleep securely knowing we are available if they need!

    I love this post! Yep- 'this, too, shall pass!'

  4. Have you been hiding in our house?! Just the other day our four year old was found in the barn spray painting his mittens. Yep. I had no idea he would be able to climb high enough to get to that paint, but he did!! Never a dull moment with a four year old around!!

  5. I can't help but laugh a bit! Been there done that! Frustrating though...

  6. LOL.... Sounds like a few of our boys. :)
    One of them was fascinated with screws and bolts and locks...My dad got a big wood board, set door locks with real keys, bolts to bolt in, and all kinds of things to do.... they LOVED it.

  7. It's hard to believe one four year old is up to all those shenanigans! Are you sure he isn't just an easy blame for somebody (somebodies) else? I know one now-grown-up boy who took the rap for his sisters way more often than he should have. ;)

    It is, by the way, a very cute letter and, I have an almost two year old here during the week who just might match the shenanigans Dennis is pulling in another year or so. Maybe it really is possible...

    And then there were my brothers who buttered the wall when my mother wasn't looking.

  8. This was is beautiful. Your perspective is encouraging.

  9. Hey, where'd you get a picture of our Hotwheels? All of our toys look like that. Daniel bought a tow-truck with a car and then smashed the car because you have to have a broken car on your tow-truck!

  10. My son has yet to outgrow this stage. :P We call him "Dante the Destroyer" because he is just that destructive . . . nothing lasts more than a few minutes around him.

    Our solution? We got him a hammer and a bunch of nails, gave him a stack of scrap wood and he spends hours banging nails into wood. He feels like he's really banging things up, but we don't have to worry about the house being wrecked (just remember to put the hammer away!). He's actually gone through five hammers since he was 2 . . . he literally broke them all from overuse!

    On the plus side, I had a wonky drawer in my dresser and he fixed it for me the other day. I hope he'll be able to build my kitchen cupboards by the time he's six. ;)

  11. Oh, Thomas!! No more useful enginehood for you.

  12. Oh yes this will pass.
    Sounds oh so like my son, David.
    He is 35 now and works as an IT tech. So now he gets paid to take things apart. But he does have to put them
    back together.
    Oh yes this will pass !

  13. Awww what a sweet letter.
    It has got to be the age.
    I too like your perspective on it.. you are so positive

  14. HI! Dennis is a real charmer one minute and an active boy the next. He and Mark Twain would have liked each other. So cute, Pat

  15. Oh he is so sweet!! My twin boys would get along with Dennis so well! Although the house would never look the same...


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