Monday, May 30, 2011

I Knew The Day Would Come

One of the older kids walked in on Dennis trying to catheterize himself. Sitting on the toilet he was trying to go pee-pee-- or so he says.

"Dennis, those are not for you. You can go pee-pee all by yourself!"

"No... I need help... like Alex."

I'm still chuckling at the thought.

P.S. Thank you for those who have entered our "Handmade Craft Raffle Fundraiser." So far $115 has been raised. I appreciate your support so much. Thank you for partnering with us. It is not too late to enter.


  1. Now that is one I haven't heard of before. You'd think that wouldn't be an appealing activity to mimic. lol

  2. LOL... I have a picture of our oldest son when he was 2 with a breast pump stuck to his chest. :)

  3. Your blog is so funny. :) Looks like a fun family. I hope you enjoy your mission trip.


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