Saturday, May 28, 2011

**Handmade Crafts Fundraiser**

Julia and I have been busy crafting. So has Rachel, but her fun, cute project is not quite done. The other girls have been practicing their crocheting too. Now that school is done for us girls, we can focus on fundraising now. Honestly, it is a very humbling thing to do... but we remain hopeful that some of you would like to partner with us. So... we are doing a fundraiser. We have six things that we will be raffling off. Last day to enter is June 10. Our goal is to raise at least $300 ( a portion of that will cover the cost of materials, Paypal fees, and postage). By donating $5 you are entering your name in a raffle to win one of these handmade crafts. Every $5 donation gets your name in the drawing. The money raised will go towards sending us over to Ukraine to help out with the village folk and kids over at River of Joy this summer. Thank you ahead of time for partnering with us. Winners will be announced the morning of June 11th!



Julia made this underwater trio! Set comes with pillow, octopus and starfish.


Julia worked nearly every evening for a week on this beautiful blanket.


Though it is getting warm, this adorable scarf and hat will be perfect next winter!


These three cotton dish clothes are wonderful. Not only are they durable, but the holes pick up crumbs very well!


It was so fun picking out the colors for this owl bag. After learning how to blanket stitch, creativity flowed from my needle. Perfect for books, toys, yarn-- use it as a diaper bag, a lunch bag, or even a purse!


Another owl bag-- just different colors!


  1. I love the green owl bag gorgeous!

  2. Girls did a really good job! I love your bags!

  3. I want that owl bag! @_@
    Too cute ^_^

  4. Hi!I think the purses are so cool.If you sell any let me know?They look so cute.Pat

  5. So, do we donate through Chip In and you'll just keep track? Can we say which item's we'd like to be entered for? :) This is very fun.. Your and your girls worked very hard!

  6. Hi Mrs D. Thanks for the interest. If you would like to enter, please use the Chip In or email me. Thanks!

  7. Christine, Id like to buy 2 tickets. EMAIL ME for how to do it.

  8. I love the owl bags! Too bad I live an ocean away.

  9. Those are wonderful! You and your girls are very talented!


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