Sunday, May 15, 2011

Crafting With My Girls

Crafting can be so much fun. Julia, Rachel, and I have been doing it all weekend. Annalyn has been doing 300+ puzzles right next to us... the other girls have been crocheting and knitting.

Julia was busy making an octopus "night-night" buddy with matching pillow.

Rachel worked on a felt project that is adorable-- just wait and see!

I worked on hand stitching my own version of these adorable owl canvas bags that I saw in an expensive craft shop-- boy is there intricate detail involved. Now I know why they cost so much.

We all got a crack out of Julia's octopus. Sveta with her fascination for these sea creatures wanted it for her very own. I reassured her that it was cute-- especially with the pink pouty lips she added.

At first, blanket stitching was challenging for me. As time went on, I got the hang of it.

Here is the first of four bags that we are making. I think they are cute.


  1. I'd like to help with your Ukraine project. Do you have a donate button?

    Please send a couple of your kids who read to my new blog to see if they think the characters feel real and if they can relate to the story. Does no good to write a book if it misses the target age group! They will be entered in a drawing if they leave a comment.

  2. How much are you selling the bags for?! I may want one... or two..!!

  3. I am not sure if I was logged in when I said I was interested in purchasing an owl bag. ;)

  4. Morgan and I would love to join you guys for one of your craft days! We can help make projects for you to raise money! Two weeks left of school!

  5. looks great, i love crafting too but finding time is so hard!

  6. How fun and cute!! I wish we lived close... I would just come and hang out :)

  7. How fun!

    What happened to the font on your blog? It's hard to read. :(

  8. Those all look wonderful! Good work ladies!

  9. LOVE the owls and that octopus is just awesome! My kids would go nuts for him! :) Very fun!


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