Friday, May 6, 2011

Can't Get Enough

Yesterday morning Anna made a cake for cake balls. Dennis was waiting to lick the bowl.

He was so busy enjoying it, he hardly noticed the sticky batter all over his arms.

Thankfully he can wash himself up now.


  1. Aww the best part of baking is watching my littles lick the bowl. They love to help,but they do wait ever so patiently for the bowl and spoons to lick

  2. Mmm...The best part! :) I know I posted a comment already today but Oksana just came up to me asking to see your blog. Specifically she was asking how Dennis was doing. :) When the post about Dennis popped up it made us both smile and shes glad that hes doing so well!

  3. Hi! Your son looks so cute he loves to eat.What a cutie. Pat


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