Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blow Out Those Candles Big Boy!

Happy Cinco De Mayo! Happy Birthday Adam! I can't believe that I have a sixteen year old. Where does the time go? Just yesterday Dad and I were staring into your newborn eyes thinking what an amazing gift of life you are. Hope your day was special.

Trust me when I say that the Barney theme was not my idea. You just have to expect things like this to happen when you have sisters.

Galina dressed up for the special occasion.

So did Anna.

Annalyn and Anastasia made sure to get in on the fun too.

Adam was annoyingly thrilled when he came home from school to see that his sisters had gone through so much trouble for his birthday.

For a change, we made cake balls.

They may not have looked very fancy, but they were delicious!

Sticking to tradition, we had Mexican food for dinner.

Alex was so happy to wear his hat... until Dennis broke it.

What 16 year old doesn't like lighting his own candles? That is half the fun.

The other half is blowing them out!


  1. Happy birthday Adam! Our daughter Codi will turn 16 in August. She has her permit and is counting the days until she can drive!

  2. hApPy BiRtHdAy AdAM!!! 16 is a great age! A lot of kids can't wait to get there and then when theyre older wish they could go back. Enjoy it!!! All the best to you in the next year and on...

  3. I have to wonder what "cake balls" are!

    He's a handsome boy, and as good as he is good-looking, I bet - at least he lets you take his picture!

  4. Happy Birthday Adam! My Matthew turned 15 on Cinco de Mayo! I see a drivers learners permit in our near future too!

  5. Agi from HungaryMay 6, 2011 at 4:30 AM

    Happy Birthday Adam!! You are such a great young man!

    (Sweet Anna:) She looks in that dress just like a tiny Maria von Trapp:))

  6. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ADAM! Hope you had a wonderful day!!! Lots of love from all of us :)

  7. Happy birthday!!!

    Anna's dress looks a little like Jasmine's Greek wedding dress for her tap dance in the recital May 27.

  8. Happy 16th Adam.
    the cake balls look yummy, my sister made us some for Easter.
    Great pics.

  9. Happy Birthday Adam I love the cake balls so very cool. Pat

  10. Happy Birthday Adam I love the cake balls so very cool. Pat


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