Saturday, May 14, 2011

At a Glance

I swallowed one of my temporary crowns.
Rachel began testing to see if she qualifies for an IEP.
Paul and Andrew's baseball team have another game to play in the tournament.
Alex has had three weeks worth of green cards for good behavior is school.
I backed out of going to 6th grade camp with three of my girls because two of them don't want to go and it will be hard for me to be gone while the kids are still in school.
The dogs smell nice and feel fluffy now that we gave them a bath.
The kitchen is busy once again. By the end of the morning we will have made and eaten at least 80 waffles. Topped with strawberries and sweet milk... and syrup for those who eat them the plain ol' boring way.

This is our life at a glance.

What does your life look like at a glance?


  1. I'm really excited about your summer!

    I get to work all weekend. :(

    We're halfway through a twice a week speech program through our local university which involves a busy day of driving, parking, five year old style parcour on the way to the building, and racing back to get older sibling

    My daughter is practicing for her piano lesson this morning. I love that she is learning about music. I hope my joy doesn't lead to oppressive expectations for her to become a band geek. ;)

    My husband is practicing his drumming on a practice pad a lot lately. I end up having to DECIDE to enjoy that. ha!

    It's finally been sort of sunny here in the NW...I'm wearing capris today!

  2. At a glance just now,

    One 8 year old fast asleep - must go and tuck her arms under the duvet in a minute.

    One 6 year old crying about being in bed but gradually calming down and dreaming of roast chicken for lunch tomorrow.

    Two cats collecting lichen in their tummy fur - not entirely sure how!

    One mountain of washing up and house to be decluttered, but the end is in sight and I might be about to have a reasonably peaceful evening.

  3. The grand boys visited.
    Baby is still in ICU being tested
    Girls talk,talk TALK!
    Had a camp out in the living room
    Cooked a private breakfast for dh and I this a.m. while the kids slept
    figured out that bleach and water on the counter tops keeps away the crazy ants.
    Have enjoyed listening to the girls play...
    Right now they are playing dressup. I am answering phones for the business, trying to file and catch up on blogging.
    Starting a new adoption blog for multiple authors,
    I am about to eat a chocolate covered strawberry and
    I resigned from moderating FRUA.
    That is about it. :)

  4. Christine I really enjoy your blog!

    Just saw my daughter off to prom. She looked like a princess!. By the way, she thinks Caleb is cute!
    Trying to get my house ready for son's graduation party in a couple of weeks (jr.high). Church tomarrow.
    IEP meeting Wednesday, Track awards nite Thursday. Jazz show Fri. & Sat. oh yeah, work every weekday, breathe....

    Oh, yeah, planned a nice vacation this week for July!! YES:)

  5. My son was a terror the entire day.
    I broke down and cried at 730pm, because I couldn't handle anymore.
    Thankfully he's sleeping.
    My husband put blinds up in our entire home.
    My Mom basically told me it's my fault Sylas was a terror the entire day.
    I'm 8 months pregnant, hungry and hormonal.
    It's bedtime.
    Praise the Lord!

    (Thanks for listening.)

  6. One kid recovering from heart surgery.
    Trips to HIV clinic, CP clinic, audiology and CI clinic in one day, for three different children in two different cities.
    Planning a summer that's becoming more and more complicated.
    Resigning from summer school.
    Cooking a gigantic amount of Hungarian fish soup as soon as the kids get home from school today.

    Oh, and Azerbaijan won. :)

  7. Hmm, a glance right now . . .

    I'm filling out visa applications for my sons to go with me to Canada for my grandfather's memorial service . . . again. They were denied visas two weeks ago. :(

    My oldest is playing Wii, but he's been outdoors all day, so it's ok.

    My youngest is still outdoors, somewhere, with his cousin.

    We just buried a dead crow that was really gross and bleeding and followed the blood drops so my mini-sleuths could deduce what happened (hit by a slingshot? flew down our path and died on a rock).

    Just finished getting all the birthday presents for my littlest guy who is about to turn 4 tomorrow. He's getting a LEGO cake, so I'll be up all night making that because I didn't start earlier and it's been sooooo hot today I didn't want to turn on the oven.

    Even with the birthday and happy kids who are finally healthy . . . I'm feeling really blue about the darn visas and the possibility of leaving my kids to go to Canada.

  8. Sounds very busy, fun and yummy..(well except for you swallowing your temporary crown)...
    my a glance.
    * Kids are all home playing together making it very loud
    * Nick got a job in Smithville and is staying in Dunville for the week and coming home on weekends.
    * Alec has begun practicing for his performance in July for our local hospital charity concert.
    * I made up behaviour charts for the children to encourage better behaviour..but it's also visual so they can actually see what they are doing.
    * Abby continues to have horrible tantrums
    * C is fully recovered from his tonsillectomy and is back at school.
    *I finally send my registration in for the FPSO conference in June..(I CAN"T WAIT)
    * Dom just recovered from Fifth's disease
    * 4 of the children and me enjoyed Hookwinked Too..Hood vs. Evil. on Saturday.
    * I have way too much laundry and housework so instead of their normal Y program , I chose to stay home and get some things done..(i'm on a tea break now)
    I kinda wish I took them to the Y...they are sooo LOUD>.but i suppose it's all good ..(ok honestly they are having some quarrels..but its par for the course.

  9. At a glance...

    sitting in dance recital rehearsal~
    thankful for free wifi~
    checking up on my bloggy friends~
    fun to catch up on your crew!



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