Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Absolute Treasures

Our kitchen is always bustling with life. I love it.
I love to cook. I love that my kids enjoy hanging out in the kitchen and cooking too.
I probably love it a little too much evidenced by the extra weight I'm carrying around. *Big sigh* but I choose to not focus on that.
When Galina's cake was done baking, Anastasia, pot holders in hand, asked if she could take the cake out of the oven. I showed her how to turn off the oven, pull out the wire rack and take out the cake and set it on a pot holder. Then I showed her how to push in the wire rack. Her face beamed with warmth and joy as she hugged me afterwards. I was all happy inside too.
Later, as Paul presented the cheese he grated, I was doubly blessed by his proud accomplishment.
What treasures these two are.
Absolute treasures.

Go ahead and try it. Have you any blessings today?


  1. I love those times, too!! The kitchen is just a great place to work side by side, learn a few things and share your heart. Love it. Thank you for sharing how much of a blessing Paul and Anastasia have been in your life. It encourages me and keeps me moving forward!!

  2. I love having the kids in the kitchen with me too! Since most of mine are still little it can be a challenge, but it is always such a blessing too! This morning my six year old came bounding down the stairs to help with breakfast (it was his assigned day) and he was so excited knowing that HE would be cutting up the fruit for his family this morning! I love how they want to serve their family and be a blessing!

  3. Blessings? I got to visit with a new lady who is attending our church. We have a lot in common and I was able to encourage her and she, me. I love when the Lord works out a few moments to fellowship!

  4. Hi! I think it is great you are teaching your children to cook and bake they will be good keepers of the home when they marry.Pat


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