Thursday, April 7, 2011

It's All How You Look At It

How is that your glass can be half empty... much of the time and then all of a sudden it is spilling over with this intense gratitude for your children and husband? One moment you feel like you are up to your eyeballs in frustration, impatience, and discontent and an hour later you can see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It all matters how you look at things... or don't look at things. Are you intentionally looking for God's blessings that creatively take the form of all your daughters giggling and laughing at their spur of the moment leg shaving slumber party, or a little boy proudly boasting that he brushed his teeth all by himself, or your first worm in your compost pile? Do you even consider things such as a cold coke hiding in the back of the fridge or having a pleasant conversation with a sibling a blessing?

How are you doing life? Are you going through the motions or are you choosing to look for the little things that can make your cup runneth over? Do you dread pulling back the covers in the morning or do you give your hubby one last snuggle before waking up the kids as you thank God for your good night's sleep? Are you excited that your freezer has tonight's dinner fixings or do you loathe having to cook yet another meal for you family?

As I get older, I can finally feel the loss of having looked at my glass as half empty for so many years. Though I have recently began to live life in closer intimacy with my Father God allowing Him to fill my cup, I do wonder what I have already missed out on. Maybe I would have other children, maybe I would be living somewhere else, maybe my loved ones would also have a relationship with Him.

I know that with God it is never too late, and I can see how my past has paved my desire to live in His will today--- he has even used my past to passionately share the Gospel with my children so that they can realize what a blessing it is to living their life for Him now in the present.

Wow! All I can say is wow! I probably sound like I am rambling, but I can't help it. I just know, and feel, and can see all the little things that make my cup runneth over. Nothing huge by any means, just lots of little things-- but I can see them clear as day. It makes life so much easier when I have my cup as a reminder of all the good things in my life. It doesn't keep the bad things from happening-- I rather see the cup as God's gentle reminder that there is always goodness in my life simply because He gave me life. He chose to breath life into me-- little ol' me. And He breathed life into you too.

So how do you view your cup? Is it needing a refill, or is it plenty full with the little blessings that God brings you through your family, your morning devotional with Him, your extra hour to sleep in, your job, your church, your freshly washed basket of laundry, your husband, your morning cup of coffee, or your good morning kiss from a little boy with a milk mustache?

I encourage you to take a few moments and spend some quiet time reflecting on the last few days. Jot down five blessings that fill your cup. Even if they seem insignificant by themselves, when they are coupled with other little blessings they add up to something so much more. Together, God uses them to fill your cup so that it could runneth over with His love and grace that He has for you. And if you have time, I'd love it if you shared them too. As a friend always says to me as we part from our conversation-- "Be blessed!"


  1. Oh Christine, if you only knew...
    Recently my own cup seemed to have shattered, God is mending holes that I have been ignoring for 24 years. Now it's time and I feel him beginning to fill me back up once again the way he always intended. I have been spending the last few days reflecting on just that... The little things...
    That make everything worthwhile. :) Thanks!

  2. Hi!I feel my glass is full. I am blessed. I have my relationship with the Lord, my family,my health, my ability to serve others who may need help ,in this down economy a job and the beauty of nature I see daily in the area that I live in.God is so good to me, BlessingsPat

  3. I have been reading Ann Voscamps "one Thousand Gifts", and have been jotting down several blessings in a journal each day. It makes a big difference in how I face your day when I see God's blessings all around me (not that I didn't know I was blessed before, but to take the time to count them makes a big difference). I'm glad to hear your cup is running over. :)

  4. Love this post, Christine!

    1. A clear direction to start our adoption process:-)
    2. Davin getting to ride a bike and school and his teacher taking pictures and emailing them to me.
    3. Lunch with a long time friend.
    4. Safety for my daughters in a situation that looked very bad.
    5. Fruit salad shared with my husband for breakfast.

    Have a blessed day!!

  5. :) Reading your post made me smile!

  6. This has been weighing on my heart this week as well! Perfectly timed post:) Thank you!

    1. 3 healthy & beautiful children
    2. a loving husband and father to our family
    3. 2 stable jobs
    4. food in our pantry
    5. being able to love and help my children every day as they prepare for the day:)

    It's so easy to get sucked into feelings of inadequacy or even selfishness (no time for mom) in the daily routine of caring for a family and I'm trying to take a step back to appreciate the blessings they are!

  7. I so have added you to my list of people I want to meet IRL this side of Heaven!!!

    Be Blessed!

  8. 1) My mom was released from the hospital and is doing okay.
    2) Sammy started therapy horse back riding after 2 1/2 yr wait list.
    3) River of Joy
    4) New friends.
    5) Health, Jobs, Home, Family & Jesus


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