Wednesday, April 6, 2011


This week has flown by. I am in awe of what God is doing in our family and I guess being in the midst of it all makes the time fly. Reading Redeeming Love to the girls in the evening has become such an anticipated event that the evenings run fairly smooth-- or else I don't read that night.

Nearly every one of my kids has been to the dentist in the last two weeks. Eleven kids and ten cavities later-- I can't wait till we are dentist appointment free for the next six months. One of my children said we should move to another country where people don't go to the dentist. I told her to be careful what she wishes for.

The morning of my mammogram, I had to reschedule because they didn't have the right code. Thankfully, I had only waited for twenty minutes before they figured that one out. I took Galina across the street for her blood test not because she needs one, but because our new doctor routinely gives them for physicals. Wouldn't you know it--they couldn't find a vein to poke and sent us home with instructions to drink more water. I was nearly in tears about the hour of waiting being lost until the tech promised that she would not make us wait when we came back. Let's just say-- Galina has been floating for the last thirty-six hours.

Paul went on his first field trip today. His smile was pretty darn big when he got home indicating that it went well. I'm glad except for now Jonny keeps wondering when the home schoolers are going on a field trip. Good question.

Today we discussed Rachel's high school plan. What it boils down to is this-- Rachel needs an IEP. This will help determine her curriculum all through high school. Without one, she will be expected to take regular classes where she will struggle all over again. I am expected to put my request in writing and see what happens. If getting Rachel tested turns out to be a battle, I will seriously consider homeschooling her on my own without the help of a charter.

While shopping at Costco tonight I learned something new about my newest daughter. Not only does she love fish, but she loves smoked salmon even more! Only having cooked fish sticks a handful of times in fifteen years, it was a stretch for me to put the fresh salmon in our cart. As I looked at Galina's smile with delight, I felt it was the least I could do to show her my love. She would have preferred the smoked salmon but I told her that would be saved for her birthday!

In just two days, I am off to my women's getaway on the beach! I am so excited! Though some might think I could really use the time away, there are ladies that are coming that need it so much more. If you could just take a moment to lift them up in prayer, you would be blessing them a whole bunch.


  1. Praying for you my friend! Praying for wisdom for you and Rachel's school.

  2. OH Christine, that was so sweet to buy the salmon....don´t be afriad to buy and cook fish...there are so many ways to cook it and it is SOOOO healthy...Sometimes just buying some filetes of flunder or halibut and sprinkling them with olive oil and garlic and some oregano/paprika and in the oven and it is marvelious...
    My kids also love it cutlets...
    Have fun on your get away!!!! : )

  3. Hi!
    As a Special Ed teacher I can tell you it might be hard to get her on an IEP if she has never been on one before {ex. after coming to the US} What it comes down to is if she has been diagnosed with one of the disability categories required to get one, than she qualifies no questions ask. The good news is some of those categories can be "teacher diagnosed" SO I hope you are keeping copies of all the work she is doing at home to bring with you as skill evidence, as well as evidence of her skill from when she was last in public school.
    Now if she doesn't get in- it doesn't end there. There is a program out that also helps those in "the gap", RTI. The thing is not all schools have this {the fed gov doesn't require it}, so ask, but most do. Essentially what it is, is it determines how much intervention she will need to be successful. The spec. ed teacher gives the gen ed teacher materials, advice, stuff of that nature to help said student. If these doesn't work, she moves up the tiers to more intense interventions. It is incredibly successful at my school, and is backed by hundreds of researched based data.
    Does she qualify for a 504 plan?

  4. You may be surprised, and just love the salmon! It's the only fish I make, it seems (well, like you, I have put fish sticks in the oven a few times over the years ... oh, and salmon soup from time to time - that is also delicious!) Bake the salmon in the oven, or steam it, or put it on the grill. We make potatoes (surprise, with our Finnish connection - ha!) and white sauce with onion in it to drizzle over spuds and salmon ... add some steamed veggies on the side, and yum!!! :-)

  5. We LOVE fresh salmon here too. We found a steamer bag (zip & steam) that goes in the microwave that cooks the salmon perfectly. We use Amazing tatse seasoning for seafood on it and it rivials resturants cooked seafood. The steamer bags are a ZIPLOC product and can be found where ziploc items are found.

  6. Hope it all works out for Rachel's schooling. I loved the book Redeeming Love...beautiful story.

  7. We eat fish atleast once I week, we love it. We eat Tilapia - it has a milder flavor. It is reasonably priced and bought in bulk at our house. I am enjoying "reading in" to your posts, because I am praying for you and your family's makes me smile. :)

  8. HSLDA has an entire section and people to talk to about curr. for special needs kids. They are a great help. See if you can get some answers thru them. They are great and quick to respond! Which I soooo appreciate.

  9. Christine, All you need to put on that salmon is McCormick Grill Mates Montreal Steak Seasoning. Be sure not to cook it too long -- just until flakey. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!
    Hugs, JEB

  10. "One of my children said we should move to another country where people don't go to the dentist."

    Kid logic is hilarious! ;)

    Mmm, salmon is delicious! How thoughtful of you to buy it for Galina even though you don't like it yourself!

  11. Hi! Getting an IEP for Rachel may be a little difficult but it can be done. I did it. I had my son evalulated privately. The testing was done by a school psychologist I had the psychological done by a clinical psychologist and the school district would not accept the results of the testing.But once the testing was done by a school psychologist the school district did take the results. I also had my child evaluated privately by an education evaluator.I also joined the local homeschooling association and in the group there were a couple of special education teachers who gave me some great information.Once I had all my data on my child I approached the school district and asked for a meeting and I was able to get an IEP for my child. I also did not enroll my child in any on line programs or charter schools so the school district did not have to pay extra for my child's educational needs.When I had concerns about my child's learning style I contacted the educational evaluator who gave me great ideas that I used to enhance my child's education.I hope this helps, Pat

  12. As a mom who is only on her thrid year of homeschooling I will tell you that homeschooling my 9th and 11th grader has been one of my greatest joys (and challenges) however, it is a decision I am so glad I made. We have a great ISP with lots of wonderful teens and our daughter is flourishing. We live in so cal also so let me know if you are interested in our ISP. I'm way to much of a rebel to go Charter:) Have fun this weekend!



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