Tuesday, March 8, 2011

An Update on Anastasia

Our sweet Anastasia, her love knows no limits. Her sweet and innocent affection touches each and every person she meets, it is impossible to not smile when she is in the room. We might have given her a home and a family, but she has given us so much more. Her gentleness, her patience, her joy, her hard work, her pride in a job well done--- I never thought a child could be such an example to me.

But she is. And I am blessed.

I noticed that her arm was red and cold long after coming in from outside and so we began a series of tests to see if it was anything serious. After x-rays came back normal, the doctor ordered additional tests. How thankful I am that her blood work for Lupus and Raynaud's disorder came back negative.

Praise the Lord!

Anastasia is no longer speaking Russian... rather she has become a parrot repeating everything I say. It is very cute, and motherly, and I love how her confidence is building. She can read quite well, and is now learning how to write simple sentences. Since we began homeschooling she has learned to tell time, and to recognize the value of money. She is working on concepts such as before, after, more than, less than, altogether, greater than, the sum of, and half past. These are hard concepts for any child to learn let alone a child who is learning English for the first time as a 12 year old.

Anastasia enjoys helping around the kitchen, and absolutely loves being outdoors with Misty and Dolly. She is an extraordinary artist and has finally discovered girly games on the Internet. Anastasia is a homebody-- which is so refreshing!

After nearly six months she finally decided to spend some of her birthday money after much encouragement. She bought gum, a headband, some beaded necklaces, and chapstick. Her excitement in her new found freedom of shopping made me smile from ear to ear. And yet she hasn't asked to spend the rest of her money and actually gave some of it to a sibling for their birthday.


  1. What a blessing!! I am so happy to hear this..: )

  2. She sounds delightful to have around! How sweet that she thought to give her sibling some of her money for their birthday, how unselfish is that!
    As far as her arm, what was the final diagnosis, poor circulation?

  3. Hmmm... Maybe I ought to get Justin to the doctor to check out the redness in his hands. I really didn't think much of it until your mention of Raynaud's disorder.

  4. I was just thinking about her yesterday, since you always note that she (and Paul) transitioned so easily into your family despite being a bit older and we're now adopting a slightly older child. A beautiful girl inside and out, it sounds like! Thanks for the report!

  5. Hi!I am glad your daughter is doing so well in your home. Coming from an orphanage where she had such limited personal belongings I could see where she would want to hold on to her money.She is so unselfish to want to share what little she wants with others. What a jewel from the Lord you are truly blessed with her. Pat

  6. I love this post! What a blessing and encouragement it is to read!!!

  7. What a beautiful daughter you have there!


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