Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Still a Good Day

For home school, I have split the kids into two groups based on ability. Sveta, Anastasia, and Jonny do Science and Social Studies and most of their Language Arts together. Today they learned about the five senses. While I was looking for worksheets to go along with my book and video, I came across this website. It is awesome in case you were wondering. Rachel, Annalyn, Julia, Anna, and Galina do special Science and Social Studies topics and special book reading. We just got done reading the Outsiders and have already begun A Day No Pigs Would Die. For Science they learned about bones last week and now they are learning all about oil.

As time goes on, we are all enjoying homeschooling more and more.

I took Sveta and Jonathan for a dentist appointment today. After waiting for half an hour they told us there was an emergency and suggested we reschedule. I took that extra time to swing by WalMart and pick up two new toasters... finally. After five years, our old toaster is dead... literally. No one can say we didn't get every single penny's worth out of that old thing.

Over the past two days, Adam and Caleb have dug eight holes in our backyard. Now all I have to do is go and buy the trees. I can't wait!

Anastasia accidentally gave our bearded dragon indigestion by feeding it carrots that were way too big. Poor thing-- it turned different colors, stood on its two back legs and pooped with all its might. I of course thought it was on death's door and picked it up. It left me a big surprise on my shirt right as I was walking out the door to the dentist. Thankfully it is resting contently in my lap now.

After dinner, Adam offered to make a double batch of brownies. What a nice way to end the day.


  1. Sorry about the shirt, but I did need a laugh today. Thanks for providing one for me. :)

    Love the way you teach the kids in clusters, it's time and relationship effective.

  2. A fun science link, our kids have loved: http://www.sciencelearningspace.com/.The first month is only a dollar - I have just let our kids use this for their 'enjoyment' and they love it!

  3. I am so so so so so so so excited that homeschooling is still enjoyable for you!!! I'm SO proud of you for sticking to it!!!

  4. Our double sided toaster is half dead, but then our family is now half the size it used to be. Actually, I think the family size has doubled, but over half of them have moved out too. (Am I making any sense?)

    I will take puppies and kittens over bearded dragons any day. :)

  5. You are my kinda gal Christine. Brownies, schooling and lizard poop all in the same post :) Gotta love this one :)

  6. Busy day! Could do without the poop, but it's just one of those things when it comes to pets. What kind of trees are you getting?

  7. Gasp! I love The Outsiders! I am a special education teachers assistant in middle school, and one of the classes I am in just finished reading the book today. I think it's disgusting the way Ponyboy cries all the time (but I have to hold back the tears in class and this isn't the first time I've read it :). You should get the audio version. The teacher in my class plays it in class. The reader has a big ol' Oklahoma accent. If your family's not familiar with the different accents in the US, it might be interesting for them to hear a bit of that.


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