Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Productive Sunday

A big burden has been lifted off my shoulders. A big yellow manilla envelope containing five post-placement reports is going out in tomorrow's mail. Hopefully the Ukraine Consulate will smile when they read the reports and see the pictures.

Now I need to fill out all the paperwork for Galina's adoption. We are already scheduled to have our first social worker visit next month!

In the backyard, we began our riverbed of rock that is going to run through the side yard. The fun part is that we are gathering all the rock from our backyard. "Just one more bucket full Sveta." John and the boys made a raised planter box for the garden we are going to plant in a few weeks. Even though most of us have aching backs and blistered hands, we are excited by the progress. After visiting the nursery and Home Depot, I am dreaming of new sand for the sand box, a wooden bridge to cross our rock river, and lots and lots of trees, shrubs, and flowers. I can already envision it-- our version of the Garden of Eden.

While getting the two little boys ready for bed, Dennis asked me, "Can you teach me to drive a car?"
"Sure Dennis, in eleven years I will teach you to drive a car."


  1. Hi!Your yard sounds so beautiful and peaceful.One summer we spent many hours each day working on our garden but the plants all dried for some unknown reason. It was very disappointing but not all Garden of Eden turn out perfect.Even in the Bible the Garden of Eden had it's own share of problems. Blessings for a beautiful garden, Pat

  2. Fun! I just finished the post placement for our son from Hungary and starting it for our three from Armenia... Once done with that, I need to fill out two pieces of papers for our two "crisis placements"... and by the time I'm done with that, it's time for Hungary again. :) Never ending...

  3. Why not planting edible garden in raised beds? :) Healthy, beautiful and not difficult especially if you start with few veggies or/and herbs. Just an idea...

  4. All your talk about outside work has me itching for spring, but for us it won't be here for another month, although the temps are in the 50's more and more frequently now.
    Dennis is hilarious!

  5. Dennis is just planning ahead, just to make sure you don't forget;-) He is just so funny!

  6. Wow! i followed a comment on a blog, and then another and somehow I ended up here.
    You guys have quite a crew - and a wonderful yard. I hope you get all your trees, shrubs and flowers!
    Paperwork - I always miss at least one piece and I only do things one at a time!

  7. We have post placements due next month, and in June, and also one due later this week for Russia.
    The logistics of that one are going to be interesting.

    Dennis cracks me up. I have learned not to wake Erika when she is dreaming because she is always driving! LOL


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