Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Good Weekend

The weekend was pretty low key. Perfect. On Friday night, I went out for coffee with a long time friend. It was so nice to catch up. When I got home, John left to head up north... het took six of the kids. On Saturday morning we had corn flakes and milk with thick berry compote poured over it-- it was so delightfully yummy.

Andrew and Paul had a baseball game, and it was freezing cold. Half way through I took all the kids home and came back with a hot chocolate to watch the rest of the game. It is so awesome to see how the boys are becoming more confident with each game. They are getting better too. Finally hitting a few balls here and there-- too bad Paul doesn't really know the game yet. He just sort of stands there-- whether he is supposed to run or after his three strikes. The coach has to tell him when to sit down. Thankfully all the parents there are really supportive and seem to be there for the fun of it-- not like some competitive parents can be.

Last night we watched The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey. There was nothing pish-posh about it! John and the kids came home late so that Adam could play guitar in church. A few of the other kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa who are coming down in a few days. They'll ride back together. Galina's adoption is coming along nicely. Each of the kids are making their rounds to the dentist, and Dennis has an appointment coming up with a new occularist.

This week the kids have off for Spring Break. That means we get to sleep in. Woo-hoo! And finish up our rock river-- double woo-hoo! In just two short weeks, I am getting away for the weekend with some very awesome women. We will be right on the beach! I can't wait to see these women, I miss them so much. There is a few that didn't go last time, and I look forward to getting to know them better. If anyone wants to join us, there is one spot left.


  1. Hi!Your weekend away seems so awesome. I feel everyone needs some me time and now it is your time go gal go and enjoy the Christian fellowship with other women. Have fun and may the Spirit be with you, Pat

  2. It's so funny this spring break, as there are tons of people near our home for spring break in FL and we are going to GA for spring break! ha ha! :D

  3. Wished I lived closer so I could go!!

  4. I think the hardest thing I ever tried to do in my life was explain baseball to SErgei in Russian! I realized that it is hard enough to teach a child in ENGLISH! Way too many subtleties. I honestly wish I'd waited a year or two to start him; he has the skills for baseball but absolutely won't play because of those early traumas of not understanding it - and Zhen is the same. I HATE not having a baseball player!


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