Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Getting to Know Andrew

Andrew is such a precious gem. He is my nine year old son, totally rambunctious at times, but totally amazing always. He is my sweetheart, and his ability to make me smile at exactly the times that I could use a smile-- well that is a real gift. Straightening up the house, I came across this-- a rough draft of a poem he is writing about himself. Thank you Andrew.

Bio Poetry
by Andrew Reed
1. Fun
2. Smart
3. Athletic

Wishes to have my class listen and pay attention.
Dreams of
having a good job when I'm older.
Wants to
be an Astronaut and explore Pluto.
Wonders if people in my class can pay attention.
Who fears
mountain climbing and falling off.
Who is afraid of
Who likes when my class is quiet and respectful.
Who believes in Santa Claus.
Who loves
Who loves family.
Who loves
Who loves
Who plans to have 15 children.
Who plans
to go up to my brother's house when older.
Who's final destination is being with my family


  1. 15! children! Awesome!

  2. Sounds like he has a plan! You should show this to his teacher! :) I bet she would enjoy the parts about his class paying attention!

  3. Wow! I think any mom would feel awesome reading that! : )))))

  4. Hi! Just wonderful .It is great to see that at such a young age Andrew has such great values.It is great to note that he wants to carry his youthful values into adulthood.Good luck Andrew it seems that as a boy you walk the path of life with the Lord as an adult the Lord will be right beside you, Blessings, Pat

  5. What an amazing boy you have!

  6. WOW! What an absolute sweetheart!!

  7. That is sweet but I thought your kids were not allowed to believe in Santa

  8. Love that he wants to have 15 children! You are going to be blessed with grandchildren!

  9. Good writing and neat thought process and so sweet. Makes a momma proud!! :)


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