Monday, March 21, 2011

Books and Pizza

Remember those colored rocks we panned for a few weeks ago? Well, Julia thought it would be a nice touch to sprinkle them along our rock river. Not only did she have a blast doing this-- insert sarcasm-- but we are both sure that doing this will bring hours of delight to those who are interested in finding themselves a special, magical, gem in the Reed Rock River. Pretty corny, huh?

Adam took pictures of Dennis our little ham hock.

Can you get any cuter?

Last night it rained.... and snowed. When I drove Adam and Caleb to school this morning I actually found slush on my windshield.

This is the view from our backyard. Isn't God's creation breathtakingly beautiful?

Tonight was our night out with our six oldest boys. They chose pizza and the restaurant we found turned out to make a pretty darn good pizza!

Minus Andrew annoying Caleb too much, the night was lots of fun!

Each boy got half of a large pizza and the highlight of their evening was being able to take a carryout box containing the leftover slices they anticipated eating tomorrow for lunch. It just warms my heart knowing that we made our sons' day with leftover pizza.

I finally finished the stack of books that were on my dresser so I ordered a few new ones. I am reading Redeeming Love with the girls which just so happens to be the best fiction book I have ever read in my life-- so if you haven't read it, I encourage you do so because it. is. that. good. I am so excited at the thought of it being made into a movie-- I am already planning a date night with hubby! I had such a hard time choosing which of the other books to read first so I had Rachel number them without my knowing and hand me which ever book was numbered 1. Right now I am reading The Hole In Our Gospel. I just love when a book cites a verse and in the process makes you yearn to pick up the bible and read more-- this book does just that.

After coming back from pizza, Paul and Andrew finished packing their lunch.
Good night-- I am off to read!


  1. Hi Chrisitne,

    Redeeming Love is my absolute favorite! I've read it 2 or 3 times, and now that you mentioned it, maybe I'll have to read it again. :)

    Have you read any other Francine River's books? Rivers is very talented, and any of her books are worth reading. I just finished "Her Mother's Hope" and I loved it.

  2. I love when there is left over pizza for lunches and I don't have to make sandwiches : )

  3. I love anything by Francine Rivers..We read that book when it first came out with my "first" group of girls who are now all grown up. Good reminder to bring it out again.. thanks for sharing.

  4. I love how you are doing the date nights with your kids. It sounds like they are loving the smaller groups of family time and the food!

  5. Redeeming Love is my absolute favorite too. I loved The Hole in the Gospel. Rich Christians in an Age of Hunger I read years ago. It's the book that changed my life when it comes to helping the poor. Love your blog.

  6. I completely agree about Redeeming Love as well! I have read it numerous times and I truly believe it is the best Christian fiction book I have read!

  7. I just started regularly reading your blog. I know some of your boys are adopted, some bio, but I don't know which are which. What struck me in the first photo is that all the boys look alike! Funny how adoptive families morph like that, huh?

    Have you read "Adopted for Life?"


  8. Hi The rock garden is starting to look very nice.It will look beautiful once the flowers start to bloom .It is great seeing the chldren out on outings.My children love going out for pizza Pat

  9. You amaze me with the amount of energy you have. 3 nights out in a row..Bravo...your children are truly blessed each and every one of them.


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