Monday, February 28, 2011

Rare Post from Dad

Okay, maybe you heard Feb 26 and Feb 27 were supposed to be arctic cold spells and all kinds of winter storms and snow all over California???

Well we did. We heard snow level would be down to around 1,000 feet in the area we live. And we live at around 2,600 feet!!! And we saw up to the minute forecasts showing 26 degree F days and big chances of snow in our zip code. And the previous week, without all the hoopla, people's homes we know of in our town, got snowed on.

So this was to be the weekend! Our kids made all kinds of snow angel plans and discussed how we would go down our driveway on this sled, or down the street with that saucer, etc etc.

But other than a tad bit of hail on Saturday, and some new snow dumped on the local surrounding mountains making our views prettier, we got nothing. Full sunny days at our house this past weekend. Disappointed kids galore. Disappointed Dad too. Drats.

So what's a dad to do?

Well I put a little sled onto Caleb's skateboard and happily rode it down our driveway. I did it many times--even with Dennis on my lap. Although he much prefers his "FASTER, RED CAR"!!!

Isn't he just awesome?!?!?!

Well, my time on the driveway on my "home made, street sled" got kind of boring fairly quickly. So, I proceeded to go further down our cul de sac hill we live on. It was great fun. When it went too fast, I merely just lost 1/4 inch of sole on my shoes and foot-braked myself back to comfortable speeds. Even Sveta loved it !!!

I thought, I GOT to show Adam and Caleb and the rest of the crew this "awesome new invention". Sure enough, Adam loved it. He wanted his sisters and I to play traffic cop and make sure no cars would harm him as he sped through multiple stop signs. So we did. The maniac loved it.

Ok sorry about not warning you about that first clip's not so pretty ending. But you do hear as I'm saying "Ouch", his guttural, "Yeah...eah...yeah!!!" at the end of it, right? He was fine, traffic cooperated and he even wanted to do it again tonight. At night. In the dark. Yeah right, Adam. Even I have my limits in stupidity!

John and Jane Doe anonymous out there (ok friends and family too), spare me the personal protective equipment lectures and the "what if" scenarios. I do get it. We should pad up, wear helmets, and then, just not do it. Clear. Fun should only be safe fun. I know. "Don't push your luck"...Because no momentary thrill is worth shattering a skull or having road rash gnarling up your spine. Yes obvious. Got it..."better safe than sorry"...

But those aren't the only possible outcomes. He's okay / fantastic. We have a permanent record of our stupidity. And we've learned from it. And we'll have a life long fond memory of the sunniest, best sledding day without snow we've ever had.